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New documents obtained by The Daily Beast show that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard accused each other of the same thing

Even after the verdict of the trial between the ex-couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard come to an end in June 2022, the subject is still much commented on. Each side continues to move resources and initially secret court documents have begun to emerge. According to information from CinemaBlendlawyers of depp accused heard to edit photos of the bruises and bruises, but these new documents show that the actor was accused of the same thing.

As the site recalled, the interpreter’s legal team Jack Sparrow tried to discredit Amber Heard and allegations of abuse. One of the ways to do this was by questioning the veracity of the photos that the actress took of her bruised face – and the lawyers claimed how the images were made with the aid of makeup and / or editing.

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However, with classified documents examined by the The Daily Beast claim how Johnny Depp may have edited images of himself that were presented as evidence. This argument is related to discrepancies in the dates of the photos that the actor’s representatives sent after an alleged fight with Amber Heard.

The creation date of the image was 2019, while it should have been 2015. According to the documents, another image had no creation date, but it was edited in 2020. Thus, the design team heard stated how these photos were doctored – exactly what she was accused of.

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“Missing post-facto creation dates and/or modification dates could be a sign of manipulation of digital evidence,” the actress’ lawyers alleged in the previously sealed documents.

Mera’s interpreter’s legal representatives also made further allegations after requesting the delivery of any recordings that Johnny Depp had from his ex-wife. They state how said audio was also edited by the actor and his team.

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What was Johnny Depp’s response?

According to the lawyers of Johnny Depp, these changes to the dates of the images are related to the day they were last saved. In addition, there was concern that these findings would give the jury an “unfair bias” about depp. The 59-year-old actor has not publicly commented on these new findings.

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