“Let’s not do crazy things”; Newton Drummond asks for the word and ‘cools’ arrival by Argentine reinforcements at Santos


Leader believes that financial limitations are an obstacle, but promised news for the coming weeks

Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC
Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

O saints is aware that he needs to give reinforcements to coach Lisca so that he can have a calmer second round of the Brazilian Championship with less internal turmoil. In this way, Peixe wants right-back Lucas Blondel, from Tigre, and midfielder Franco Cristaldo, from Huracán, but faces difficulties in negotiating with Argentine teams.

“These two negotiations are very difficult. Argentines are having great difficulties in their country regarding financial matters. They try to do the best they can so that this resource that arrives stays in the club. (…) All this makes negotiation difficult. They are in a very difficult situation.” admitted the football executive of Peixe, Newton Drummond.

Even so, the manager promised to present reinforcements until the end of the transfer window. My job is to make Santos have a well-formed team with the potential to achieve its goals. Let’s not do crazy things. Santos is a club that has been through difficulties. Unable to afford expenses. Difficulty in fulfilling the obligations that left the club in a difficult situation. That we won’t do.”

Finally, Drummond made it clear that he will not deceive the crowd with reinforcements beyond what Peixe’s financial reality allows. “We are looking for players in the market, trying to sign them. We’re going to hire within what’s possible in the budget, within what the board and the president have told us. We are working within our means. We will not create any expectations for the fans (…). We’re going to bring a player who works for Santos but within a financial reality”.

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