Loan of up to R$ 30 thousand without guarantee; 1st installment within 45 days

a new line of personal credit has attracted the attention of Brazilians. we are talking about loan yes, fintech of the group Santander created to facilitate the hiring of money by those who are looking for a financial solution.

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The value offered is surprising, reaching R$ 30 thousand. The figure is well above what is usually offered in fintechs nowadays. Another positive point is the ease of hiring, as it is not necessary to prove income to request the money. Discover other advantages below!

What are the advantages of the line of credit from fintech from Santander?

Among the highlights we can mention:

  • Payment of the 1st installment within 45 days (grace period);
  • Money in the account within 24 business hours;
  • Possibility of contracting insurance for eventual emergencies/unforeseen events;
  • Interest rate from 2.83% per month; and
  • Installment available in up to 36 installments.

Another advantage is that the loan is contracted 100% online, without the need to go to a bank branch. In addition, before closing an agreement, the contractor can simulate installments and interest so that the agreement is best suited to the financial situation.

How to get a loan of up to R$ 30 thousand?

Taking out a loan at Sim is quite simple. The first step is to enter some data to discover the ideal offer. This is because the company is known for making its products available according to the customer’s profile.

After that, just do the simulation, take a picture selfie to sign the contract and send the photo of the documents. The deadline for the analysis of the request is 3 working days.

Interested? Then, go to the official site Loan Sim to start the simulation.

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