Maicon does not hide and reveals differences in the works of Lisca and Fabián Bustos


Lisca played two matches in charge of Santos and has not yet won in charge of Alvinegro Praiano

Photo: Raul Baretta/AGIF - Maicon mentioned the differences between the works of Lisca and Fabián Bustos
Photo: Raul Baretta/AGIF – Maicon mentioned the differences between the works of Lisca and Fabián Bustos

With the resignation of Argentine Fabián Bustos, Santos went to the market in search of a new coach and agreed with Lisca, former commander of teams such as América Mineiro, Ceará and Sport. So far, there have been two matches by the coach against Fortaleza and Fluminense and two draws. Incumbent against Flu, Maicon gave an interview to GE and spoke about the work of the new commander.

“He is very smart. Our first goal (against Fluminense) was a well-crafted move. We knew that the opponent was vulnerable in that part of the area in the corner and that’s where the goal came from. Lisca studies the opponent a lot, has a lot of reading of the game and has helped us a lot, especially in the positioning of the team.”, said Maicon about coach Lisca.

“I think the team has a lot to grow, in the last game we showed an improvement and I’m sure we’ll do a good job. Of course, in football it’s not always a matter of being better or worse, football is a result. The positive results will make his work much easier”, added the defender and great team leader, including Santos captain.

According to Peixe’s defender, the main difference between Lisca’s and Fabián Bustos’ work is in the positioning of the team. While the Argentine prefers a defensive midfielder acting more as a sort of third defender, the Brazilian commander prefers this player to act closer to the rest of the team, be it defense or the offensive sector.

“Lisca has worked a lot with the organization. Bustos a few other times played with a defensive midfielder as a third centre-back, Lisca no longer wants that. He wants the midfielder to be more steering, participating more in the game in front of the defense and compact with the attack. Lisca has surprised me a lot, a very intelligent guy”, added the Santos defender. The team returns to the field this Monday (8), against Coritiba.

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