Man shoots woman in the neck, but dies after hitting his own leg

A man from Dallas, Texas (USA), shot a woman in the neck, which caused his death. According to investigators in the case, the bullet passed through the first victim and hit Byron Redmon, 26, in the leg.

As reported by the Fox News channel news website, police were called after being alerted to a shooting at an apartment complex on Saturday morning (30).

Upon arriving at the scene, agents found a large amount of blood in front of one of the residences. However, there was no one present.

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Moments later, police received information that a man and a woman were taken to the hospital after being found shot at next to a vehicle at the scene of the incident.

Even though he received medical treatment, the suspect who fired the weapon did not survive the wound. The victim’s health status, whose identity was preserved, has not yet been reported.

The case remains under investigation.

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