Marvel meeting? Synopsis reveals a great detail about Secret Invasion

Marvel has used the plot of Secret Invasion to tease his fans from the post-credits scene of WandaVision. However, a new detail about the series was revealed in its synopsis and went unnoticed.

Skrull in WandaVision
Skrull in WandaVision (Play / Disney+)

While it still hasn’t been given an official synopsis by Marvel, Secret Invasion won a synopsis on Disney+ Originals, which defined the series as a “crossover event”, suggesting that the plot will have several cameos.

“A newly announced series for Disney+, Secret Invasion stars Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as Skrull Talos. The crossover event plot will reveal a faction of Skrulls that have been infiltrating Earth for years.”

The new synopsis reveals the first major detail about the plot of the plot. Previously, Marvel had already announced that Secret Invasion although it would feature a “faction of Skrulls”, but the cameos were never mentioned.

Colbie Smulders at Marvel's San Diego Comic-Con Panel
Cobie Smulders at Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con Panel (Reproduction / Twitter)

It is worth noting that during the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced the participation of actress Cobie Smuldersmust reprise being role as Maria Hill, in addition to the presence of Don Cheadle, who returns as War Machine

Nick Fury will be one of the highlights of Secret Invasion

Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.  in avengers scene
Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. in a scene from Avengers (Disclosure / Marvel)

Although rumors indicate that Nick Fury may lose the leadership of the MCU, the new series will give a prominent role to the character of Samuel L. Jackson.

In an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, the actor confirmed that the series will address your character’s character life. Until then leader SHIELD, Nick Fury has an intimate relationship with the Skrulls.

“I can have a lifetime like Nick Fury that he is still just the Nick Fury from work. You can go home with me and see what happens to me at home, when I’m alone, when I’m not that strong, or when I take a vest off my back, because Nick Fury is old,” said Samuel L. Jackson.

“When you can do this in long form [de série]you can show how even superheroes have their moments of crisis,” added the actor.

Recently, the actor even commented to Collider that he does not intend to leave his role anytime soon, which can yield many plots for Nick Fury.

Secret Invasion will debut on Disney+ in 2023.

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