Microsoft responds to Sony claims and points the finger at PlayStation exclusives

Microsoft responded to Sony’s claims about the risk of a monopoly situation following the Activision acquisition, and it did so too and above all pointing the finger at PlayStation exclusivesin particular those of third parties.

As you may remember, Sony expressed to the Brazilian antitrust agency (but apparently the situation is more or less the same in the various countries) its concern with the important operation, addressing two topics in particular: the fact that Call of Duty have no rivals and the Xbox Game Pass overgrowth.

Much has been said about this: it is a strategy of a direct competitor, which obviously tries to embarrass the counterparty by preventing it from becoming even more relevant and stealing users.

Well, as mentioned Microsoft has responded to these accusations, highlighting Sony’s conduct in front of exclusives, even from third parties, as well as the fact that the Japanese house also has absolutely recognizable brands associated with the PlayStation.

“Sony and Nintendo have a strong and differentiated offer, which includes their own exclusive games”, says a Microsoft note sent to the New Zealand antitrust. “For example, IDC identified that 2018 Sony exclusives include God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Manin addition to other major productions such as The Last of Us and uncharted.”

“Well, these titles reflect a Sony’s vertical integration (see, for example, the company’s film studios that hold the Spider-Man license), but also a broader strategy aimed at obtaining the rights to create exclusive third parties for your consoles.” In this sense, the document explicitly mentions Final Fantasy VII.

Note that Microsoft responded to Sony in this part noting that it uses its power of cinema against Xbox, in addition to having exclusive contracts with established franchises in the industry.

What do you think of Microsoft’s position?


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