Millionaire kills wife during hunt to pocket insurance and live with lover

A millionaire was convicted of shooting his wife to death during a safari in Africa with his mistress as an accomplice, to receive the equivalent of R$ 25 million in insurance

The verdict for Lawrence Rudolph was released yesterday, after a jury decision in a federal court in Denver, in the United States. The dentist was charged with murder and mail fraud for taking out $4.8 million in life insurance on his wife’s behalf.

According to the American channel CBS, the millionaire pleaded not guilty. His version is that his 34-year-old wife, Bianca Rudolph, shot herself as she hastily holstered a shotgun as they prepared to return to the United States from Zambia.

According to prosecutors, however, the evidence showed that this was impossible. The woman’s heart wound was caused by a bullet fired from 60 centimeters at a distance of one meter.

Bianca’s body was cremated while still in Zambia, prompting a friend to question the death and file a complaint with the FBI. She reported that Rudolph was having an affair and was verbally abusive to Bianca. The friend also reported that the couple fought over money.

The dentist confessed that the shot was fired during a hunt during a fight with his own lover, Lori Milliron, over a dinner party, when witnesses heard him yelling, “I killed my wife for you.”

Rudolph’s lover and manager of his dental franchise was accused of lying to a federal jury about the case and her relationship with the dentist, and was found guilty by the same jury of being an accomplice to murder, obstruction of the jury’s work, and two counts of murder. perjury before the jury.

Prosecutors allege Rudolph decided to kill his wife after Bianca called for greater control over the couple’s finances and demanded that Lori, with whom her then-husband had a two-decade relationship, be fired.

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