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Hailey Bieber is not unknown to anyone. Although many people associate her with her husband, Justin Bieber, with whom she has been married since 2018, her fame predates her relationship with the singer. Her father Stephen Baldwin and uncle Alec Baldwin have always been known for their art: acting. Hence, the 25-year-old grew up under the Hollywood spotlight.

Surrounded by celebrities, Hailey’s fame grew by leaps and bounds, becoming an authentic it girl. [uma mulher que cativa e influencia os outros em tudo o que faz].

Although the American model and socialite has suffered from fierce criticism for some time, as a result of the two-year relationship (unforgettable by some fans) that Justin Bieber had with Selena Gomez, the Internet has already raised a white flag, agreeing to make a truce. . And now, there’s one social network that’s particularly obsessed with Hailey: TikTok.

From nails to makeup, the almost 10 million followers that the young woman has on TikTok (outside the tens of millions on other platforms) never tire of replicating everything in which Hailey presents herself.

The nails

The glazed donut nails, “donut topping nails” in Portuguese, have this name due to the similarity with the illuminated icing of the same candy, as they give a pearl and shiny effect to the nails. This was the style that the model opted for during the 2022 Met Gala and which, since then, she has given constant use.

The hashtag #haileybiebernails has over 142 million views on TikTok and even celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Sydney Sweeney have already joined the style.

the makeup

After popularizing her naturally lit skin – which has even become the hallmark of her new skin care line, “Rhode Beauty” –, the model broke with the matte trends that the industry has promoted in recent years.

In addition, the way she decides to use blush also gave a lot to talk about. Applying it in a way that replicates a slight sunburn on the face, with an effect of someone who has spent a long day at the beach, TikTok went into action and put this look into practice, which has become an indispensable step in the makeup routine of many people.

The hashtag #haileybiebermakeup already has more than 50 million views on the platform.

the hair

The famous beach waves are not a recent trend. Naturally, they can be obtained without much effort – just a dip in the sea and a few minutes in the sun for the desired effect to emerge. However, as Hailey Bieber uses this hairstyle in her everyday life, she has to artificially obtain it. So, having taught followers to replicate it with a hair straightener, it drove fans crazy.

The look in which she recently performed (a mix of beach waves with braids) also did not leave Tiktok indifferent.

Taking all these trends into account, what’s next?

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