Palmeiras advances in talks with Sporting and gets closer to signing Bruno Tabata

Palmeiras advanced in talks with Sporting, from Portugal, for the hiring of Bruno Tabata. The clubs have gotten closer in recent days and are close to sealing the deal after a few weeks of negotiations. The information was initially published by the Portuguese newspaper “A Bola” and confirmed by the THROW!.

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According to sources consulted by the report, the conversations had slowed down after the Libertadores registration deadline had passed. Without this “pressure”, the deal was handled with even more caution and more flexible dates. In this way, in the last few days, the negotiations began to heat up again and parts of the edges were trimmed.

There are still some details that are considered important, which prevents it from stating that Bruno Tabata will be a Verdão player. However, both Sporting and Alviverde show optimism about the positive outcome. According to the Portuguese newspaper “A Bola”, Sporting wants to keep a percentage of the Brazilian midfielder with an eye on an appreciation and future sale.

Initially, Palmeiras offered 3 million euros (R$ 16 million) + 2 million euros as a bonus (R$ 10.7 million). However, the Portuguese club wanted to receive the five million euros (R$ 26.7 million) in a fixed form. When trying to get close to what the European leaders asked for, the Palmeiras proposed a higher fixed amount, but in installments and with a bonus for income.

The player, who has already declined a proposal from the Middle East, showed willingness to play for Alviverde and should sign a contract for four seasons, if the transfers are made. Some say the outcome will be in the next few days.

At the age of 25, Tabata arrives to make up for Gustavo Scarpa’s departure at the end of the year, as the midfielder will play for Nottingham Forrest-ING and the club chose to anticipate to guarantee a replacement. The transfer window closes on August 15, this is the deadline for Verdão.

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