Pelosi’s Taiwan trip prompts China, US to mobilize Armed Forces – News

When the plane in which the Speaker of the US House of Representatives (equivalent to the House of Representatives in Brazil) was, Nancy Pelosi, touched down in Taiwan, this Tuesday (2), international politics began to draw new directions. The island in the Pacific has put Washington and Beijing on opposing sides, and the two economic and military powers are showing their readiness to act energetically, even in direct confrontation.

Beijing was already showing signs that it would not accept a visit by an American official to Taiwan, an autonomous territory belonging to China. A few days ago, Xi Jinping’s government warned that the US would pay the price if Taipei was included in Pelosi’s Asian destinations.

Expecting some Chinese reaction to the arrival of Pelosi in Taiwan, several American vessels moved to the region as soon as the Speaker of the House landed in the Asian country.

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, which has been carrying out military maneuvers in the vicinity since July, was directed towards the Philippine Sea, south of Taiwanese territory. The presence of the huge vessel also implies the positioning of F-35 fighters. At the same time, a US Marines amphibious boat occupied the waters east of the island.

On the Chinese side, military planes flew over the Taiwan Strait. A way of showing Beijing’s disapproval of Pelosi’s official trip to the territory, despite several warnings.

According to Taiwanese officials, at least 21 incursions by China Air Force planes have been identified in the Air Defense Identification Zone.

Again in a threatening tone, the Beijing Ministry of Foreign Affairs published an official statement in which it says that Pelosi’s visit “is a severe violation of the ‘One China’ principle” and impacts the political basis of China-US relations. .

According to China, the US government is signaling that it is supporting Taiwan. Pelosi says the trip was a criticism of the communist government in Beijing.

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