Police prevent dozens of people from looting boat with marijuana after chase

The Spanish police managed prevent dozens of people from looting a boat who ended up having an accident during police chase in Sanlúcar de Barrameda beach, in the province of Cádiz (Spain), last Friday (29/8).

During the chase, the pilot of the boat with the drug ended up bogging down in the sand in an attempt to escape. Residents and tourists took advantage and ran towards the vessel.which was initially guarded only by a Customs Police helicopter.

Police helicopter lowers to protect a drug trafficking boat intercepted in Spain from looting Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

The helicopter kept moving in circles to chase away the looters. Civil Guard and National Police agents arrived in support by land and managed to disperse most marauders. Watch below:

Currently, marijuana is decriminalized for personal use in private locations if the user has 100g or less of the herb. Clubs where customers can bring their own supplies, as long as the legal maximum amount is respected, have become popular in major Spanish cities.

Below, police helicopter scares off looters:

Nonetheless, drug trafficking remains a serious crime, for which you could face being sentenced to pay a fine of 30 thousand euros (R$ 161 thousand). In addition, those accused of trafficking can also face three to six years in prison.

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