Rare Beauty, by Selena Gomez, arrives in Brazil with a complete portfolio

Rare Beauty/Disclosure

Rare Beauty/Disclosure

Created by singer Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand.

After a long anticipation (and many requests) from the beauty junkies and fans of the pop singer Selena Gomezarrives today (3) in Brazil at rare beautythe artist’s beauty brand.

Launched in early 2020, the vegan product line had already expanded to Mexico, countries in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Since then, it has gone viral on social media (especially on TikTok) with products such as its liquid blush, with the proposal to deliver an inclusive and easy-to-use makeup. Now the brand makes its debut in South America, sold with exclusivity at Sephora Brazil.

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The timing behind the decision, more than two years after Rare Beauty originated in the US, has to do with demand and scalability. “Our team is small, we would not be able to expand to so many countries at once. But the request from the Brazilian public was huge, Selena has many fans in Brazil”, explains the brand’s CEO, Scott Friedman, in an interview with Forbes Brasil.

As major beauty consumers – we are the fourth largest beauty and personal care market in the world, according to Euromonitor International -, Brazil is a very strategic point for companies in the sector. “I just wanted to expand to the country when we were ready, with the right amount of products and no problems in the production chain, especially after the pandemic. Now we are ready”, says the executive.

The bet is high, with expectations of a “tsunami” of sales, according to the CEO of Sephora Brasil, Andrea Orcioli. Unlike other launches of the beauty chain, in which only a few products are initially chosen at the beginning of sales, Rare Beauty arrives in the country with its complete portfolio: there are about 180 items, including 32 shades of foundation and concealer. “The brand is all about inclusion and embracing the uniqueness of each one, so we wanted to be able to meet the Brazilian diversity”, says the executive director.

Rare Beauty/Disclosure

Rare Beauty/Disclosure

The brand went viral on social media especially with its liquid blushes

Another reason why the entire line, including products recently launched in the North American market, arrived in the country at once is the numbers, explains Andrea: “We saw that all categories sell well around the world, it is not a brand that is supported by just one product”.

Still, the liquid blushes and “Kind Words” collection of lipsticks and lip liners, launched last month, are expected to be top sellers – at least at the beginning. On sale in Sephora’s e-commerce and physical stores, the products arrive in Brazil with imported makeup prices, ranging from R$79 (for the mascara) to R$239 (the eyeshadow palette).


Friedman and Andrea attribute their success not only to Selena’s name and fame, but also to the causes that the brand values ​​- in line with the artist’s vision. One of the main ones is mental healthwith the creation of Rare Impact Fundwhich receives 1% of all annual Rare Beauty sales.

Since its inception in 2020, the fund has raised $3.5 million, donated to 15 mental health organizations across the US that facilitate access to help and professional care services for youth and people in vulnerable situations.

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Along with its arrival in Brazil, the brand will also donate money next month to a Brazilian institution linked to mental health, says the CEO, still without revealing what the organization will be or the value of the resources.

The concern with the matter comes from the founder herself: mental health is a topic dear to Selena Gomez, who has been in evidence in the media since she was 7 years old. In that time, the American singer faced a series of challenges of aesthetic pressures and self-esteem – until she even took a break from her career to take care of herself. Since she reappeared, the artist has made a point of talking, especially on her social media, about self-acceptance, mental health and criticism of beauty standards.

The issue is reflected in the characteristics of the products and in the brand’s discourse. Friedman reaffirms, as Selena has said countless times, that Rare Beauty’s makeup was created to highlight individualities of various skin types and to be used without great difficulties – and in the intensity that you want, whether for a natural or heavier look. .

“Selena wants to keep things simple, makeup is easy to wear. It doesn’t take long to apply, many of the products blend well and are buildable, so they can be used by everyone from novices to professional makeup artists. It’s for everyone”, concludes the CEO.

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