Recording in Portugal, actress Gal Gadot is admitted to the hospital emergency room in Loures

Portugal continues to be the stage for international productions, and after the cast of ‘Velocidade Furiosa’ stopped in the country, there is also a Netflix production recording in national territory. It’s about the spy movie’heart of stone‘ directed by Tom Harper for the streaming platform.

Among the actors in the cast is Gal Gadot, and it seems that the Israeli actress ended up having a mishap during filming. How does the magazine tell? TV 7 daysthe protagonist of ‘Wonder Woman‘ will have suffered a incident during the recordings, which forced her to be admitted to the Beatriz Ângelo hospital, in Loures.

The same publication reports that the situation happened at the beginning of the week, and it was impossible not to go unnoticed, since some assistants and doctors from the health unit will have recognized the actress, and there was still some apparatus, given the number of security guards who accompanied Gal Gadot.

She was the actress who plays ‘Wonder-Woman’. She couldn’t even go unnoticed. She was admitted to Beatriz Ângelo’s emergency room, but she wasn’t there long. She was attended to and must have been there no more than three hours. She drew more attention because she was full of security guards. She probably got hurt during the filming or maybe she felt bad from the heat, but it didn’t seem serious to me.“, is mentioned by the publication.

Gal Gadot is recording a new film project alongside the actor Jamie Dornan. It is a thriller of espionage that began to be filmed on June 30, and which stopped in Portugal.

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