Ronaldo classifies management at Cruzeiro as a success and details ultimate goal: “Leave a historic legacy” | cruise

Back in Brazil, after a vacation in Europe, Ronaldo Fenômeno participated in an investor event, in São Paulo, and commented on the arrangement and the project for Cruzeiro. The 90% shareholder of the Minas Gerais team’s SAF detailed the main objective.

“We are paddling to make a historic legacy for Cruzeiro”

Ronaldo commented on the political sewing, within Cruzeiro, to be able to approve the requirements that he had made to make the definitive acquisition, after the transition period. He called himself a “Brazilian sheik”.

– I had to convince the board of Cruzeiro too (…) quite the opposite. It was much more difficult. Cruzeiro’s board, including the fans, who were manipulated, waited for an Arab sheik to arrive, injecting money into the club, without a project, without processes, so that the board could perpetuate within there, making the decisions. A Brazilian sheikh arrived, with ideas and a project in mind, with experience in Spanish football, with a league already formed.

Ronaldo Phenomenon – Voting by the Cruzeiro Council — Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

“I have a lot to do to reach the legacy I left as a footballer, but I’m horny and eager to do it.”

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

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The Phenomenon commented on the actuality of Cruzeiro. He talked about the team’s great advantage in the Brazilian Series B, with the team surpassing the 99% chance of access. He also praised the management of the Minas Gerais team.

– Nowadays, the fans have no doubt that it is a management success. We are in the second division, but consolidated in the first place, many points of advantage for the fifth place, which marks the access to the first division. Things seem to be smooth, but the process seems to be much more difficult.

Ronaldo will tell the trajectory of his career until the investment in the club from a documentary. The production is being negotiated with a streaming conglomerate and should be launched with access to Cruzeiro. The Phenomenon talked about why invest in Cruzeiro.

– It made a lot of difference, but I had to know how to communicate that to the fans. This communication had resistance from the other side. Natural fear, even of the fan, if it would work, if there would be adequate investment. Whether the investment was a little or a lot, what I committed myself to. Much more than an investment of money, he believed in the potential of reversing the situation, of the potential of Cruzeiro. We started to do communication work, through the lives with the fan, explaining step by step how it would be done. It was really hard.

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5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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