Scandinavia! Flights to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki or Oslo from R$3,456 from São Paulo and more cities!

We found flights to Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Gothenburg (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland) and Oslo (Norway) from R$ 3,456 round trip with taxes included! There are flights departing from São Paulo and more cities, with checked baggage options!

These are destinations that rarely have good prices for air tickets, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. There are dates to travel until June 2023. Check all options at the end of the post.


In addition to stunning landscapes, Scandinavian countries appeal to travelers seeking adventure and also to those who prefer the cultural life of cities. It is possible to take a cruise along the fjords of Norway or visit the Viking museums in Denmark.

In the Danish capital, tourists will find the Amalienburg Palace, the Tivoli park and the Langelinie pier, ideal for taking a classic photo with the Little Mermaid statue. Oslo, on the other hand, is considered the greenest city in Europe and therefore, there are plenty of options for free tours through its parks. And Helsinki has a very interesting integration of nature with modern architecture. Each with its attractions, any one of them is a great choice!


– The price list is constantly being updated, but prices may change as tickets/packages are sold.

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