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The 7th edition of the Indaiatuba Performing Arts Show brings together a program with a series of shows between August 5th and 27th. The assemblies will be carried out by 11 local groups and there will be presentations for adults and children and young people. See details below.

The show has 13 different pieces that will be staged at the Unified Arts and Sports Center (CEU) in Jardim São Conrado, at the Hermenegildo Pinto Cultural Center (Piano) and at the Acrísio de Camargo Room. Admission is free and tickets must be picked up by the public 1 hour before the start of each play.

  • August 5
    20h – “Saltimbancos”, with Grupo Emcantar, at Sala Acrisio de Camargo (CIAEI)
  • august 6th
    4pm – “Nature asks for help”, with T Art, at CEU São Conrado
    19:30 – “Afternoon Tea”, with the Espelho Scenic Theater Group, on the Piano
  • august 7th
    4pm – “O Mundo de Clara”, with Troupe Scenic Brasil, on Piano
  • August 12th
    19:30 – “Like a metaphor”, with Coletivo Fleuma, on Piano
  • August 13
    4pm – “Duende Dudu in a special adventure”, with Enrolados Theater Group, at CEU São Conrado
    19:30 – “Are you happy?”, with Grupo de Teatro Estrada, on Piano
  • August 14
    4pm – “Utopia SA”, with Grupo de Teatro Fântaso, on the Piano
  • August 19th
    19:30 – “Romeo and Juliet”, with Grupo Anankê, on Piano
  • August 20th
    16h – “Alice Girl in defense of the environment”, with Cia. Theatrical Materia Prima, at CEU São Conrado
    19:30 – “Three monks and the rose”, with SLEZ, on Piano
  • August 21
    16h – “The Boy who took care of the world”, with Grupo Divisão e Magia, on Piano
  • August 27
    20h – “Dedé Show”, with André Mattos, at Sala Acrisio de Camargo (CIAEI)

In addition to the theatrical shows, the Performing Arts Exhibition will have the free workshop “Tabladian Method”, intended for people over 16 years old. It is scheduled for August 28, from 9 am to 4 pm, at Sala Acrisio de Camargo, at the Integrated Education Support Center of Indaiatuba (CIAEI).

The course will be taught by André Mattos, Ricardo Kosovski, José Dias, and Heder Braga. Interested parties must apply through an online form.

“Tablado” is a Brazilian theater school founded in 1951, in Rio de Janeiro, by the Brazilian writer and playwright Maria Clara Machado. Initially, it was an amateur theater company and later transformed into a recognized actor training center.

7th edition of the Performing Arts Exhibition

  • When: from the 5th to the 27th of August, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • How much: free entry with ticket collection at each play’s locations
  • Adresses:
    CEU do Jardim São Conrado
    – Rua Jordalino Pietrobom, 1300
    Hermenegildo Pinto Cultural Center (Piano) – Av. Eng. Fabio Roberto Barnabé, 5924, Jardim Morada do Sol
    Acrisio de Camargo Room – Av. Eng. Fábio Roberto Barnabé, 3665, Jardim Regina

Tabladian Method Workshop

  • When: August 28, 9 am to 4 pm
  • Classification: from 16 years old
  • Where: CIAEI
  • Address: Av. Eng. Fábio Roberto Barnabé, 3665, Jardim Regina
  • Information: (19) 3875-6144
  • How much: free

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