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The protagonist of Bullet Train, the actor is also a producer of the biopic about Marilyn Monroe. Watch the trailer!

Next Thursday, 04, arrives in Brazil Bullet traina new action movie starring Brad Pitt. The actor, however, is also involved with the production of blondeanother great cinematic promise of 2022, which tells the story of Marilyn Monroe through the interpretation of Ana de ArmasCuban actress who was recently praised by Brad Pitt.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonightwhile promoting his new feature, the renowned actor took the opportunity to talk about blondea film he produced through his label Plan B. Thats how Brad Pitt ended up praising the performance of Ana de Armas in production.

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She is phenomenal in the film.” “It is a difficult role to fill. We’ve been developing this movie for 10 years. It was only when we found the A-N-A that we were able to carry forward.”

In fact, searching for the protagonist was one of the biggest challenges of the production. Andrew Dominikthe biopic’s director, took nearly a decade to cast the perfect actress, who could revive Marilyn Monroe on the screens. According to NME, Jessica Chastain (Tammy Faye’s Eyes) and Naomi Watts (Diana), for example, were even quoted for the project.

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Blonde trailer

Based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, blonde promises a closer look at “a life known and unknown… exploring the complicated life” of Marilyn Monroe. With Adrien Brody (Houdini), Bobby Cannavale (nine unknowns) and Julianne Nicholson (me, Tonya) in its cast, the production will be launched on September 28, in Netflix.

The official trailer for the film was released by the streaming platform on July 28, on social media and YouTube. The preview accompanies the stardom of Marilyn Monroe and the reality behind the spotlight of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Watch in full below:

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