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Not everything that seems is what it is, as the saying goes. In Colorado, in the United States, a snake discovered this in a very unpleasant way: eating not one but two golf balls thinking they were chicken eggs. According to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, a local wildlife rehabilitation center, its staff were called to the case after the snake got stuck when it failed to get through a fence.

After rescuing and analyzing the animal, the team discovered that the balls were causing a serious blockage in the snake’s gut. To resolve the situation and save the bullsnake (Pituophis catenifer sayi), they performed a procedure to help the reptile regurgitate the material.

Image shows golf balls right after the animal manages to vomit them – Photo: Reproduction / social networks

Tallon Nightwalker, director of the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, told Newsweek that “We typically advise people not to leave trash behind when out in the wild, but these golf balls were intentionally placed in the chicken coop to play the role of fake eggs; making cause the hens to lay fewer eggs, because they think they already have a nest.

Most people only build their chicken coops with large predators like raccoons, hawks, coyotes or bears in mind, but it’s important that they build in a way that also keeps out smaller birds, snakes and lizards.”

According to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, the snake is doing fine and has only minor pain and damage. “Remember, if you find a wild animal in need of help, never provide food, water or medical assistance. Simply contact your local licensed wildlife rehabilitator and follow their instructions,” says the wildlife center, in an announcement.

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