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Peixe welcomes the conditions of the deal and expects to announce the hiring in the coming days.

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Luan’s change of air came from the board of Corinthians, who no longer see the climate for the athlete to remain at the club. After all, shirt 7 has not entered the field since February 19 and, under the command of Vítor Pereira, was listed for just one match in a semester of work by the Portuguese in Brazil.

In this scenario, the way was opened for Santos to receive the athlete on loan.

Luan during Corinthians training — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians

Currently, Peixe has only Bruno Oliveira in the position. The player has not yet established himself as the absolute starter of the team, but he has been widely used in the Brasileirão games and in the already ended Santos participation in the Copa Sudamericana.

In the case of the board signing Luan, the reinforcement would be a strong option for Lisca in midfield. In addition to performing the function of articulating the offensive system, Luan could also be used in other positions in the middle and attack.

At Grêmio, where he lived the peak of his career, Luan had a good performance in 2015, 2016 and 2017. He was used in two positions: false nine, with total freedom to move and generate numerical superiority with the ball. And as a midfielder behind the striker, he is also free to always be close to the ball area.

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In the first two years, with Roger as coach, he fulfilled the role of false nine. Then, with Renato Gaúcho, he played most of the time as a second articulating striker, with Lucas Barrios in front – there were moments that he played with Bolaños and returned to being the most advanced player in the offensive sector.

He never had the power or speed to be a pointer. He always did better at Grêmio when he had the freedom to approach the ball zone and find spaces to receive between the lines.

Bruno Gutierrez updates and analyzes Luan's possible move to Santos

Bruno Gutierrez updates and analyzes Luan’s possible move to Santos

Frustrated passage by Corinthians

Hired for R$29 million, Luan left Grêmio in January 2020 to sign a four-season contract with Corinthians. There, shirt 7 could not live up to the expectation of being the star of the team and, in a few months, he lost his title and support with the crowd.

The midfielder worked with Tiago Nunes, Dyego Coelho, Sylvinho, Fernando Lázaro (interim) and with Vítor Pereira without establishing himself with any of them. In fact, he did not even take the field with the current commander of Corinthians.

Remember Luan's goal for Corinthians in a classic against São Paulo, in Paulistão 2021

Remember Luan’s goal for Corinthians in a classic against São Paulo, in Paulistão 2021

During his two and a half years in the Parque São Jorge team, he was tested centrally as an articulator in the middle, as a second midfielder helping in the transition from defense to attack, he came to play on the edges of the field as a second striker, and even as a center forward. .

In all, there were 79 games, nine goals and performances far from those that made him enchant Brazil with the Grêmio shirt.

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