Taís Araujo details meeting with Viola Davis and comments on ways to face racism with Giovanna Ewbank; watch

In an interview with the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod” released this Monday (2), actress Taís Araujo talked about several topics, including her meeting with actress Viola Davis.

The meeting took place at the actress’ home in Beverly Hills, in the United States after the two exchanged messages on Instagram. In June 2019, Araújo traveled to the United States for work and sent a message, via DM, inviting the actress for a coffee.

Davis’ publicist then suggested they meet for 30 minutes at his own home. “She was beautiful, dressed up, made up, and I was all shit. She was like a Hollywood star, and I, Taís Araújo, from Méier. She was going out to shoot the last season of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, and I was Viola’s puppy. Just fan. I didn’t believe it. (…) What used to be half an hour turned into an hour and a half. If the conversation was bad, I think in ten minutes she would make an excuse to leave. But the chat was really cool, I think she liked it”.

And he really enjoyed seeing that Davis celebrated the meeting by posting a photo of the two on his Instagram profile. “My Brazilian sister, Taís Araujo, came to visit me. What a wonderful connection! Love your authenticity and talent,” she wrote.

Viola Davis posts selfie with Taís Araujo: 'My Brazilian sister' |  famous |  gshow

In a more serious moment, the fight against racism was also part of the agenda. The recording took place before presenter Giovanna Ewbank and her husband, Bruno Gagliasso, denounced a case of the kind involving children Titi and Bless during their stay in Portugal.

At the time, a white woman who frequented the same restaurant referred to them in racist terms. She ended up in detention and the Portuguese police are now investigating the case.

“The character didn’t want to think about it, but suddenly the subject called to her. I understand you, Giovanna, especially when you say ‘Why don’t you go to the clash?’. Because like that, you chose to have black children, it was her choice. You didn’t go through anything your children went through, will go through and are going through. I totally understand your revolt, but we’ve been beating up forever. Sometimes the beating is a strategy, sometimes the strategy is dialogue, sometimes it is affection, sometimes it is ignoring. You can’t have just one tactic, one way to play. If not, you can’t live, it’s too heavy. There are several strategies that are used differently, according to your mood and your possibility that day. You beating up a white person is viewed in a different way than me beating up a white person. It’s the famous ‘You who are white understand each other’ (laughs). I have to act another way. I am a communicator, I need to learn to communicate”.

“Quem Pode, Pod” is also presented by Fernanda Paes Leme. Watch the entire program in the player below.

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