The campaign that is making the hair stand on end. Yes, let’s talk waxing

We grew up with instilled notions of (our) society and (our) culture that says women should shave. If the hair can be long, the hair must be removed, as age dictates. The mustache is a man thing and the legs want to be silky. The crotch…don’t even think about a bikini line crossed by any fluff.

There are those who look with disgust at a woman who is averse to the razor, even if they don’t say so because political correctness seems to be an essential posture to live away from offenses, and there are also those who see a woman “la naturel” as something beautiful, or, on the other hand, see what is beautiful in a woman who is free to choose how to feel good, without having to follow a beauty protocol.

And there is still a lot of acceptance to be done and so many other normalization maneuvers of the “abnormal”, even if celebrities parade on a red carpet without waxing done, isn’t it Julia Roberts? Even they do not pass scrutiny and few are those who do not submit to the will of others.

And if this wasn’t a topic for debate, look at the new campaign (quite counterintuitive, by the way) from a hair removal brand that has a different view of things. Billie, the hair removal brand, has just advertised the unshaved woman, and believes this approach is good for the business.

“For the last 100 years, female razor marks have not recognized female body hair. Yet. We launched Project Body Hair exactly one year ago. A celebration of body hair that reinforces that waxing is a choice.”

What is certain is that, with more or less hair, tastes are not discussed, but neither is well-being. So let’s be happy with more or less depilatory bands on hand.

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