“The impression that remains”; Palmeiras’ debt with Crefisa rises again and leaves Verdão fans in agony on the web

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It is worth remembering that in this transfer window, Palmeiras was one of the Brazilian football teams that hired the least

Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras
Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras

Palmeiras has been one of the protagonists of Brazilian football since 2015. In all, Verdão has won two Libertadores Cups, two Brazilian Championships, one South American Recopa in addition to two Paulista Championships and two Brazilian Cups. This season, Alviverde will still try to win the third consecutive Libertadores title and also the Brasileirão title, whose last triumph in the national tournament took place in 2018.

Even going through a victorious period, the Club does not seem to be experiencing a good financial moment. At least that’s what the balance sheet for the last two months showed. In May, for example, Verdão’s debt with Crefisa was R$112 million, of which R$5 million would have to be paid in the short term. In addition, the Institution once again recorded a deficit of R$ 5 million. In June, the amount of debt with Crefisa increased to R$ 142 million, of which R$ 35 million must be paid off in a short term. Palmeiras’ deficit also reached R$ 46 million.

For these reasons, Abel Ferreira’s team has not been making big signings in the market and has also chosen to sell one of its greatest jewels in this football market: Gabriel Veron. The former number 27 shirt was traded to Porto, from Portugal, for €10 million; Palmeiras will have €8 million, which should immediately be allocated to the club’s coffers. These movements have left some people from Palmeiras on the web apprehensive. On the afternoon of this Wednesday (3), many fans debated on the subject on social networks.

“This is very worrying man. And here comes fans talking to enjoy the moment, that we are very cornet. If you don’t charge now, will you charge when you go bankrupt? How can such a champion team, which invests little, be so indebted? It seems purposeful to owe more and more to Crefisa. How absurd”, said a fan. Another member of the crowd asked another question: “Imagine if we hadn’t won 2 Libertadores, 1 CB, 2 Paulista Championships, a Recopa and etc….”raged.

“What do you mean Palmeiras jumped from a debt of R$ 112 million to R$ 142 million with Crefisa? The impression that remains is that Palmeiras will never pay Crefisa… every 3 months it seems that the value only increases”, evaluated another fanatic from Palmeiras.

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