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If Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly aren’t Hollywood’s most otherworldly couple, we don’t know who they are. List of the couple’s biggest oddities on air

They may have met on planet Earth in 2020, but their relationship Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox it is so peculiar that we can say that it is totally out of this world. Since making the relationship public, the couple has been serving a lot of subject – especially those that go to a more bizarre side EVEN. Like… drinking each other’s blood. And even keep it in amulets.

And while Hollywood is full of celeb couples splitting up, or living on the real yo-yo base, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly they are firm and strong. The singer even asked for his lover’s hand recently and, since then, the two have been in a frenzy.

HFTV brings together the couple’s biggest oddities – so far. Relationship goal?

Hole in clothes 👀

Megan Fox went viral through a text message she shared on her social media. The conversation took place between her and her stylist, who seemed to provide her with a blue jumpsuit to wear while in Vegas.

In the text, Megan shared a photo of the outfit and wrote: “Was that blue outfit expensive because we just had a hole in the crotch so we could have sex?”. Megan was in Las Vegas to attend the Billboard Music Awards with Machine Gun Kelly.

Taking it completely in stride, the likely stylist replied: “I hate you. I will fix it“.

Check out the look:

The ~mystical~ beginning of the relationship

There’s the story of how they met at a party, where Megan is said to have said, “You smell like weed”and MGK replied: “I am marijuana” and then disappeared.

They say they literally couldn’t see each other’s faces at that first moment, and Megan says it’s because “I don’t think we were allowed to see each other yet. We weren’t supposed to meet that night, so our souls, our spirit guides, were pulling us away from each other because you literally had no face, like that Spirited Away thing. It’s hard to see his face in general, but he actually had no face that night.” Jeez!

MGK stabbed for love!

Machine Gun Kelly’s love for Megan Fox can even bleed, literally! The artist was at The Tonight Show – dressed in a T-shirt of the loved one, it is worth mentioning – presented by Jimmy Fallonwhere he said he ended up “stabbing” himself to try to impress her at the beginning of their relationship.

Do you know how you throw it up and should you catch it? I looked at her and I was like, ‘Look at this‘” he said, speaking of a knife, trying to impress Megan Fox, and then digging the object into his hand. The moment Kelly showed his injury to his girlfriend, he realized he would need medical attention.And then the next morning, as soon as she left, I was like, ‘Hey, I need stitches real quick. Help!

Did MGK fulfill all the ideal boyfriend requirements?

Megan Fox wanted to know as much as possible about Machine Gun Kelly when they started dating… no doubt it was off limits! In an interview with E! News, the Transformers actress recalled that, in one of the first conversations she had with the musician, she asked if he was breastfed by his mother.

Megan Fox’s explanation? She believes it’s a “great question” to ask when meeting someone. “It has a lot to do with your psychology and your temperament. So I ask you things like that”. Who found the trend?!

Bizarre moments? No, tense!

In his new documentary for Hulu, life in pinkGun Kelly detailed a dark night in July 2020 as he mourned the loss of his father, who died on the one-year anniversary of the album’s release. Hotel Diablo. He said he once put a loaded gun in his mouth while on the phone with now-fiancé Megan Fox.

“I wouldn’t leave my room and I started to get really, really, really dark. Megan went to Bulgaria to shoot a movie and I started to get really wild paranoia. Like, I was paranoid that someone would come and kill me.”

The musician added that he always slept with a shotgun next to his bed and ~just freaked out~ that day.

“I called Megan. I was like, ‘You’re not here for me.’ I’m in my room and I’m like freaking out on her Man I put the shotgun in my mouth And I’m screaming on the phone And I’m going to cock the shotgun and the bullet, when she comes back, the bullet is stuck Megan is in deathly silence.”

Machine Gun Kelly revealed that was the moment he realized “something wasn’t right”, adding that Megan Fox and her 12-year-old daughter, casie, shared that they no longer wanted to talk to him through a veil. “ANDI was like, ‘I need to get off the drugs for real this time“, he said, although he did not specify whether he was under the influence of drugs during the incident.

MGK only accepted work for Megan Fox

The singer made the revelation in a recent interview on the talk show of Drew Barrymorewhen remembering the first time he talked to the actress.

“We were filming a feature. Ironically, the only reason I did the production was because they were like, ‘You have scenes with Megan Fox.’ And I said, ‘I’m going to do this movie.’

MGK also explained that he had an “intuition” that Megan would strike up some conversation if he waited outside the trailer on the set of the film directed by Randall Emmett. “My instinct is always right and I’m grateful for that because for some reason I knew she would invite me to lunch”said.

“Then all of a sudden someone came up and said, ‘Megan wants to know if you want to have lunch in her trailer. And I said, ‘Oh my God, I’m so surprised. Yes definitely’. So I went there and she asked: ‘How do you feel?’ I replied: ‘I am lost’. And she said, ‘Well, let’s find you'”he added.

Real Life Hell Girl

It’s always time to relive Hell Girl (2009), isn’t it Hollyweird? Megan Fox, the great protagonist, did it in the best way possible. First, she shared that she and her lover drank each other’s blood after their wedding:

Somehow, a year and a half later, having been through hell together and laughing more than I ever thought possible, he asked me to marry him. And as in all lives before this one, and as in all lives this will follow, I said yes. …and then we drink each other’s blood. 1.11.22.

Later, Megan told Glamor Magazine UK that she and her fiancé drink each other’s blood. “only in rituals.”

“So I think saying that we’re drinking each other’s blood makes people think we’re using those huge goblets, like in Game of Thrones, to drink each other’s blood.”joked.

“But, yes, we drink each other’s blood. It’s just a few drops. And we just consume it in ritual situations or the like.”, said the muse. She also assured that the whole situation is “under control.”

“It’s well controlled. We only take a small amount and drink it. He’s so much more chaotic and intense and dramatic, he’d be willing to open his chest with a piece of glass and be like, ‘Take my soul’.”she said about her husband.

In addition to drinking their own blood, the couple also carry each other’s blood in small amulets, placed on necklaces, like Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thorton did while they were together.

Would you drink your love’s blood, Hollyweird?



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