Twins douse themselves in gasoline, threaten to blow up gas station and are arrested

Two identical twins who threatened to blow up a gas station were sentenced to three years and nine months in prison each. The case took place in Canterbury, UK. The court’s decision was announced on Friday (29).

The crime took place on April 10, when sisters Brittany and Bethany Lee, 23, arrived at a gas station drunk and doused themselves with gasoline. They said they were going to fire a lighter and completely destroy the place.

According to the British newspaper Wales Online, the twins announced the plan in a phone call to police. When officers arrived at the gas station 20 minutes later, the young women declared that they would set fire to everything if the police approached.

Prosecutor Vishal Misra gave details to the local press about the crime: “Bethany Lee said she was trying to set herself and the Esso gas station on fire. She was seen with a lighter, trying to kill herself and her sister.”

However, the twins’ plan failed due to a failure in the lighter mechanism, which prevented the production of fire. The two then tried to flee, but were arrested by the police after a brief pursuit.

The suicide attempt and destruction of the gas station, as well as the threat against the police, were recorded by the establishment’s security camera circuit. The images were used by prosecutors in court as indictment material against the sisters.

The recording shows the moment when the twins pour gasoline around the pumps. After the arrest of the two, the police deactivated the system, leaving only residual fuel to flow from the nozzles, to prevent possible fires.

Brittany has 26 convictions for 54 crimes and Bethany has 14 convictions for 26 less serious crimes, including drunkenness and public disorder.

The judge in the case, Mark Weekes, told the twins that the behavior was “largely a desire to get attention”.

“You ran the risk of killing or maiming yourself, as well as those who were at the gas station. It must have been a very scary moment for everyone involved”, declared the magistrate.

Brittany and Bethany pleaded guilty to attempted arson recklessly over the safety of themselves and others at the scene. They were sentenced to three years and nine months in prison.

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