“Uber Aid” for drivers and delivery people is announced; look here!

The project that creates an aid to app drivers and bikers as Uber was presented this Tuesday, 2nd. The measure was authored by Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM). The amount of payments was not informed, but the idea is to transfer the benefit until the end of the year.

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According to the text of the proposal, they will have access to the “Uber aid” workers who reside, work and certify that they are registered on the platforms in Brazil. A joint project also presented by the senator creates a register of professionals based on the hours worked in mobility applications.


According to the project, the app driver that:

  • Acts as a civil servant, even if retired;
  • Acts as a partner in an active company;
  • Have any other remunerated activity;
  • Worked less than 30 hours per week with applications in the last 6 months.

“Uber Aid” payments

In the justification of the project, the intention is to benefit 1.45 million app motorcyclists drivers. Payment costs will be taken from the R$ 2 billion intended for assistance for taxi drivers, the WELL-Taxi driver.

Thus, if approved, the new benefit for app drivers should reduce the amount paid to taxi drivers. There has not yet been confirmation of the amount for taxi drivers, but it is expected that 6 installments of R$ 1 thousand will be released.

In the case of BEm-Taxista, the 1st and 2nd installments will be deposited on August 16th. There was no need to register drivers, as the municipalities of the municipalities were responsible for passing on the data of registered professionals.

Want to know more about the measurement? Download here in full the bill that deals with Uber Assistance.

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