Understand why Luva de Pedreiro can no longer wear official Vasco and Brazilian National Team shirts

This week, theface of Luva de Pedreiro’, and ‘Adidas’, announced a partnership between the. The agreement is the first under the supervision of businessmen Falcão and Marcelo “Batata”, partners of “F.12”. The influencer’s contract with the company provides for exclusivity with the brand and prevents Iran Ferreira from wearing official Vasco and Brazilian team shirts, for example.

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A declared supporter of Vasco, Luva should no longer wear the club’s current uniforms, which are provided by ‘Kappa’. Much less the Brazilian National Team, since the CBF has an agreement with the North American company ‘Nike’. Adidas is also a partner of several European clubs such as Lyon, Ajax, Arsenal, Benfica, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Real Madrid.

In order not to stop wearing the shirt of their favorite team, Luva must use alternatives such as retro shirts, without the sponsorship, or use with an additional effort of not showing competing Adidas brands.

The same goes for Iran’s boots. For the promotional video released on Monday, the Bahian appears wearing the X Speedportal, a new Adidas football boot.

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After the deal with the company, Luva de Pedreiro appeared wearing the jerseys of Juventus and São Paulo, both teams sponsored by Adidas. The young man starts to have his social networks with the company’s marketing actions and must only use Adidas materials. The deal is one of the biggest ever signed since the influencer hit the internet.

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In April, before the contract with Adidas and still under the supervision of Allan Jesus, Luva de Pedreiro launched a clothing line, with t-shirts, pants and hoodies in an official store of his brand. The project was shelved after a break with the former manager.

Since starting his career, Luva has closed millionaire deals with Pepsi, Amazon, Adidas, as well as occasional deals with several clubs around the world.

The influencer traveled to Europe to fulfill the schedule of commitments signed on the Old Continent and should be at the Qatar World Cup as part of the agreement with Adidas.

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