Viola Davis Says ‘The Woman King’ Is A Celebration For Ink Black Women

The actress Viola Davis continues to promote its new film ‘The Woman King’, which in Brazil received the title of ‘A Mulher Rei’. In a new interview with Empire magazine, the Oscar winner once again defined the film as an ‘epic film’. According to her, the record will offer a little explored view of the history of black women.

This film is an illustration of the unsurpassed beauty, strength, vulnerability, femininity and sheer power of the inky black woman.“, Davis pointed out. “It’s our way of redefining who we are. And I believe from the first moment you step into this movie, you’re going to see it in a very beautiful way.”

Viola Davis in ‘The Woman King’. Photo: Disclosure.

Taking on the role of Nanisca, the character who leads all the warriors, was something that required considerable strength from Davis, and not just physically. “I find it very difficult to train a group of young people to absorb their vulnerability to fight”she tells Empire. “To work hard and find that warrior spirit that understands that you have to fight for something bigger than yourself – and that it could cost you your life. that was hard for me“.

“We wanted to show these women as whole women”it says Prince-Bythewooddirector of the film. “Their vulnerability was as important as their ferocity, and they had an incredible sisterhood.”

In the plot, which premieres on September 22, we follow the memorable story of Agojiea unit of all-female warriors with unique and never-before-seen abilities straight from the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s.


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