WATCH: after being attacked and called a “thief” by former state deputy, former mayor records video and comments on episode on social media

“Cowardice is the opposite of courage!” wrote Gislaine Lebrinha on Instagram

Attacked by former state deputy Adriano Boiadeiro, who published the video he recorded himself, exposing her to embarrassment on social media, the former mayor of São Francisco do Guaporé, Gislaine Lebrinha (MDB), took to social media to comment on the episode.

As shown by FOLHA DO SUL ON LINE, Boiadeiro, who had his mandate revoked in the Legislative Assembly and holds deputy José Lebrão (MDB), Lebrinha’s father, responsible for the punishment applied to him, took advantage of a public event to fire the offenses against his ex -mayor, who is a candidate for state deputy (REMEMBER HERE)

Although he did not mention the name of the aggressor, Lebrinha makes it clear that he is talking about the incident created by Boiadeiro. In addition to the video shared through WhatsApp, in which she claims to have been verbally assaulted “for being a woman”, she also wrote the following message on Instagram:

Cowardice is the opposite of courage!

We must not and will not accept any violence against us women. Thank you to everyone who was supportive of me.

The truth is that, many times, we women cannot even comment on the aggressions we suffer.

The act is serious, it is criminal and must be fought, so that women have the freedom to occupy the space they choose and that this type of cowardly attitude is not present in the upcoming electoral campaign.

CLICK BELOW and watch the video.

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