web is full of reports about bad dates

Actor Caio Castro, 33, gave a lot to talk about after telling the podcast ‘Your Brother’ that he is bothered by having to pay the bill on dates. “It bothers me a lot this feeling of having to support, having to pay… I don’t have to do f***ing shit,” he said.

Since then, celebrities such as Felipe Neto, Jojo Todynho, Deolane Bezerra and Mariana Rios have disagreed with the actor’s speech. And of course the internet didn’t let it go.

Target of other controversies involving homophobia, disrespect for environmental practices and even fights with other celebrities, the actor’s opinion on how to act on dates was the starting point for several testimonies about bad dates on Twitter. All the tweets prove that when it’s time to pay the bill, many suitors run away.

Among them, this girl says that the first time she went out with her current husband, in 2003, the two were afraid that the payment would be refused, because he had a dirty name. And the story became a comic strip:

And it has every argument stuck. This one blamed cryptocurrency yields.

There were also people who paid for that love affair with a loyalty card or even asked for a discount for being part of the OAB (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil). And they made the companions ashamed, of course!

Speaking of the thousand excuses for not paying the bill, there was also a story of those who pretend to be able to afford the date, but actually lie about the consummation.

And you have to play the game, yes, but then you regret it and charge even the cents.

Lucky for those who count on a little financial help from their partner when they are tight, but want to hang out together.

Taking the cue, this one remembered the fiction story The Twilight Saga, a series of 5 films in the fantasy and romance genres, released between 2008 and 2012 in cinema and based on the American author Stephenie Meyer.

The films star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. In them, the vampire couple Bella and Edward live great adventures. Despite obstacles and fears, he was always a gentleman and paid the bill.

Actor Caio Castro, after a retraction note on his Instagram, took advantage of the controversy to ask for donations of basic food baskets for “those who need it”.

“A lot has been said about my name these last few days about the great controversy of the man having to pay the bill or not. Many different opinions. It generated a very big controversy in relation to that. My name was involved. this flag”.

So, he ended up trying to turn the controversy into something aggregating: “I leave the bank account and make a point of buying basic baskets for people who need food these days. Once again, you have no obligation, do it if you want”.

He promises to show the amount raised.

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