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03/08/2022 09:19

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among the Rebels directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein responded to whether a sequel might be announced.

After winning its first trailer, the adaptation of the famous RPG by Paramount with Chris Pine will only be released in 2023.

However, the film’s directors, Daley and Goldstein, have commented on whether the studio has the idea of ​​putting together a cinematic universe, and a sequel has already been envisioned (via ScreenRant).

‘There was no pressure on us to think in terms of a cinematic universe. Obviously we wanted to create characters and an environment that could grow, and that had the potential for more movies, but that wasn’t at the forefront of our approach to it,’ said Goldstein.

Daley, the second director, said that Paramount was smart to know if the movie will work even before announcing a sequel, and criticized studios that don’t even wait for the first feature to be released.

‘By the way, this is a test for studios, because I think sometimes studios put the cart before the horse and try to create these cinematic universes before the first movie even comes out,’ said Daley.

‘So I think they were smart and experienced enough to know that the first one has to work before you even dive into the others. That said, I think it’s a very good starting point for a lot of other potential films that I’ll see after it,’ concluded the director.

More about the Dungeons & Dragons movie

The Dungeons & Dragons cast also includes Chris Pine (Wonder Woman), Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious franchise), Rege-Jean Page (Bridgerton), Daisy Head (Shadow and Bones), Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu), Hugh Grant (Paddington) and Sophia Lillis (It: The Thing).

Directed by the duo Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (Game Night, Frustrated Vacations), the film began shooting in May 2021.

Dungeons & Dragons is a role-playing game that turned into a movie adaptation in 2000, but was considered a failure both at the box office and in terms of critics.

The game also gave rise to the famous TV series Cave of the Dragon, however, the new movie project should not follow the same story as the series.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Rebels is set for release on March 3, 2023.

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