Woman removes mysterious parasite lodged above eyelid: ‘I just want to know what it is’ – News

British Louise Edwards, 34, lived a real nightmare after waking up with a stain above the lid of one eye. At first, she thought she had been bitten by an insect — not knowing that she actually harbored a parasite there.

As reported by the Daily Star tabloid, Louise noticed that the irritation was growing, which prevented her from seeing properly.

The day after the apparition, she sought help at a hospital in Liverpool, where she lives. “They tried to squeeze, gave me antibiotics and sent me home,” she says. However, the situation worsened, and Louise could no longer open her affected eye.

In addition to the extreme discomfort, she revealed that this was “the worst pain I have ever felt”. So she took a neighbor’s advice and used hot water in the area to squeeze whatever was under her skin.

“I felt a popping sensation, and when I pressed it, this thing started to come out,” he recalls. “I yelled for my dad to come check it out, and he said it was some kind of parasite with legs.”

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Louise returned to the hospital with the creature in hand, and one of the nurses “laughed and said it looked like something out of an alien movie”.

Despite the moment of relaxation, the British has an appointment with a specialist, when she hopes to find out what came out of her. “I just want to know what it is and let people know,” she explains.

As for the mystery parasite, it has been referred to a local medical school where it will undergo analysis. Facebook users, on which Louise shared footage of the incident, believe she has contracted a fly larva.

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