Your phone’s storage may be full because of 5 apps; see the list

All the cell phones have internal memory. Whether 64 or 128GB, the fact is that downloading applications takes up the available space on the device. Even with more space available, data processing capacity is a factor that requires storage free on devices due to the complexity of many applications (apps).

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Each person chooses the applications that are essential for them, such as those that can facilitate organization at work or in their daily lives, such as search engines, food services, transportation, etc.

For this reason, when your phone’s storage gets full, it can be difficult to decide what to delete to have more space. To make the choice easier, the ideal is to know which apps take up a lot of memory space to work.


The Facebook app is 430MB in size. However, as updates make the application more complex and cache memory consumes data, this number can easily reach the 1GB mark of storage.

If you connect Facebook with other apps, such as Instagram, or use Messenger chat, this number can also increase.


While the app itself isn’t big, the volume of data and file sharing can be quite high, so the phone’s storage can be compromised. To solve this, deleting the cached files in the device settings can give you a little more space.

pokemon go

For the game to work, there must be real-time data collection by the cell phone’s GPS. In addition, the application updates are constant, and in every use of the game, the cell phone space is occupied.


Spotify app is 162MB in size, it is quite popular and well used. However, downloading songs and podcasts for offline listening, in addition to liked and saved playlists, are functions that take up your phone’s memory.

Google Maps

Google Maps is very useful in everyday life, whether to locate addresses or trace routes. However, the application saves maps and routes in an unlimited way. Thus, the cache memory can become full and compromise the storage of the smartphone.

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