10 DC/Warner productions at risk of being canceled

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O DC Extended Universe promises to suffer a major shake-up in the coming weeks. With the cancellation of batgirl and the promise of delays on upcoming releases, fans of the franchise don’t know what to expect.

To prepare them for the worst, we have separated a list of the productions that may end up being canceled by the WarnerMedia. It is worth noting that, for the construction of this list, we took into account (1) the positioning of the new management, (2) the desire for a “clean start” for the DCEU and (3) the status of production.

In addition, most of these productions did not even receive a creative team, and may not be canceled or kept on schedule, but just forgotten.

Without further ado, check it out below and let us know: Which one would you like to see coming out of the oven?

DC Superhero High

The half-hour comedy series developed by Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman, DC Superhero Highmust remain forgotten in the “barbecue”.

In addition to the theme not seeming to be the focus of the shareholders of WarnerMediathis is more of the projects developed by and for the HBO Max.

super shock

Since 2020, super shock has been in DC’s plans. The project would Michael B. Jordan in the production of the film and promised to bring the black diversity that was lacking in the DCEU.

In 2021the actor commented that the film would get off the ground, but since then there have been no further updates.

Val-Zod Superman

Like Shock, the Michael B. Jordan-produced series may also remain forgotten for a while. The story focused on Super man gives earth-2 has not received information such as dates and cast so far.

The biggest clue to its cancellation is the fact that it was announced as an exclusive production for HBO Max.

Justice League Dark

The darling of postponements, Justice League Dark, can continue in the shadows. For the first time, the adaptation seemed to be taking shape after JJ Abrams enter your company, bad robotIn the project.

As it is not known what tone the next years of DC will have in TV and cinema, it is unlikely that the series will be produced. And the same goes for the other projects with HBO Max and JJ Abrams, these being the series constantine and madam x.


zatanna is another character that can suffer a cut. Like the rest of DC’s dark universe, the film would be produced by Bad Rabot.

The only information about it is that Emerald Fennel would be behind the script. Cast and release date have been a mystery so far.

Green Lantern Corps

With Greg Berlanti in production, Seth Grahame-Smith in the script, Jeremy Irvine and Finn Wittrock in the cast, Green Lantern Corps promised to live up to DC’s intergalactic universe.

But the investment that would be made added to the lack of a premiere date or start of recordings, suggest that the project is shelved.


The Flash It was one of the most expensive productions in the world. DCEUso it is very likely that we will see Sasha Calle acting with the supergirl. However, it is unlikely that the film announced in 2018 come to see the light of day.

Since the announcement, no other information has been given other than that Oren Uziel would be responsible for the script.

black canary

Jurnee Smollett shone in the role of black canary in Birds of prey and, therefore, a feature developed for HBO Max would be in the plans.

Due to the unexpected cancellation of batgirlit is possible that the character will not return for a solo film.

wonder woman 3

the trilogy of Patty Jenkins may not have a conclusion. In addition to the character of Gal Gadot be part of the universe built by Zack Snyderthe second film of the character did not give the return expected by the shareholders.

Other factors like the lack of a release date; there is no confirmation for the start of recordings or casting, suggest a possible cancellation.

Blue Beetle

The movie that would bring Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Mardueña could be one of WarnerMedia’s cuts. According to internal sources at the Bloombergthe executive producer of Discovery is not interested in diversity.

Therefore, a project with a Latino male as the protagonist may not be of interest to the company. Furthermore, Blue Beetle was a project announced by HBO Max. Other factors for this speculation include the desire of shareholders to “start from scratch” and the fact that the hero is not widely known by the public.

Other projects at risk of cancellation

batgirl was not the first project cut from the list, since before that, series like Gotham PD and the movie of amazon had already been shelved.

Already Strange Adventures, Dead Boy Detectives may not see the light of day. The status of animations like Batman: Caped Crusaderthe return of classic animation from Bat Man and My Adventures With Superman is unknown.

Meanwhile, the productions of CWas Justice U and Gotham Knights may be released, but with no expectations for a second season.

Will The Flash be cancelled?

Among so many projects and possible cancellations, the question that does not want to be silent is: Will The Flash with Erza Miller be cancelled?

And the answer is a “perhaps”. With its protagonist sunk in controversy, it is possible that WarnerMedia chooses not to touch this “wasp nest”.

However, it is worth remembering that The Flash it’s the most expensive movie DCEU so far, totaling 200 million investment. While Batgirl’s value didn’t seem to match the work the release would give, The Flash’s shelving is a detriment to the studio.

In addition to these factors, the film is an adaptation of Ignition point. Which means they can make this movie the end point of the DC Extended Universe and thus pave the way for WarnerMedia to start over from scratch.

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