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The activation of the antennas in the 5G main band in São Paulo, this Thursday (4th), will focus on the central region and the South Zone.

O g1 prepared a map of the stations, based on data provided by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel); see below.

  • UNDERSTAND: ‘pure’ 5G connection is still for few

São Paulo is the city in Brazil with the most mobile phone lines (27.7 million) and the state has the largest number of cell phones (77.6 million).

But the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Solutions for Interference Problems in the range (Gaispi) estimates that, at this first moment, the capital will have only 25% of the urban area with 5G coverage.

According to Anatel, 1,378 transmission antennas should come into operation this Thursday, triple the minimum necessary for the agency to allow activation in the 3.5 GHz band, the main one for 5G.

But the number is much lower than the 4,592 stations in other areas (4G, 3G) that exist in the capital of São Paulo.

The main point is to have a mobile phone that supports 5G: SEE THE LIST

For those who have it, the three largest telephone operators in the capital (Claro, TIM and Vivo) explain that it is not necessary to do anything to “activate” 5G: it comes into action automatically when the device is close to an antenna.

  • KNOW the types of 5G connections that exist

Will it cost more? Do you have to change SIM?

As for usage, companies have different rules and requirements. See what they say:

Claro calls the service 5G+ and informs that it will not be necessary to change the SIM card or purchase a new mobile data plan. The operator claims that it will have antennas in 52 districts of the capital of São Paulo.

Customers with the 4G chip already had access to 5G non-standalone (NSA)which began to be deployed by the operator at the end of 2021. In terms of speed, it offers the same experience as “pure” or “standalone” (SA) 5G, which is starting to be offered now.

But SA has a shorter response time: it’s the kind of 5G that, in the future, will make big advances like car-sharing.

  • Understand the difference between 5G SA and NSA

Both use the band that will be activated this Thursday, but the NSA also has another band, at 2.3 GHz, so it predominates in Brazil and in the world.

Specifically to access 5G SA with Vivo you will need to use a compatible chip with technology. The operator did not inform the price.

Customers will have access to both types of 5G for free, with no additional plan charges.

According to Vivo’s coverage map, points in the South and West zones of the city of São Paulo have the highest connectivity, with emphasis on the region of Vila Olímpia, Itaim Bibi, Cidade Monções. On Avenida Paulista, the coverage area is at the height of Parque Trianon.

Who uses Tim too will need to activate a new planwhich will be released soon, to access “pure” 5G (SA). Chip replacement is not required.

This offer will have a package of 50GB of internet and game content included and will be free for 12 months after activation. The operator should give more details later this Thursday.

For access to 5G NSA there will be no extra charge, says the company.

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