7 Netflix series will have new destinations throughout August

For contractual reasons, the series that are not exclusive and/or produced by Netflix, end up having a defined exhibition date, which is renewed or closed, serving both films and series. Since the creators of this content want greater profitability, there is also an interest in putting it in other media that coincide with the desire to have more subscribers on the part of streamings through renewals.

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What series are coming out?

It is quite likely to be the most popular series on this list, especially among young audiences. The science fiction series created in 2013 revolves around the two protagonists who carry the animation title.

Rick is a genius alcoholic scientist and inventionist, he is also the grandfather of Morty, who is a naive child who has no idea of ​​the adventures that will follow in various dimensional journeys. Will come out of the catalog on day 08/12.

This children’s series is about blue creatures who live in a village and who are hiding from Gargamel. The image of the smurfs has been known worldwide since the 60s and continues to mark childhoods. Your departure is scheduled for the day day 08/11.

It is a three-season documentary focused on the development of three high school athletes and what their sports progress will be like until they reach the college level. Your exit is at day 15.

  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 4 and 5

This reality show follows the lives of seven wealthy women enjoying their lives in Beverly Hills, California. Despite being the fourth and fifth seasons, Netflix is ​​not entitled to the previous and successors. It will be completely removed from the catalog in the day 08/16

  • Money Owners: Los Angeles – Season Two – 08/28

This series focuses on the lives of musicians, athletes and actors (actresses) and shows them spending huge amounts of money in Los Angeles. Contains appearances by celebrities such as: Bella Thorne, Trippie Redd and Erica Mena. On Netflix, the second season is available. With your departure, you will be completely excluded from the platform in day 08/28.

Being another children’s animation on the list, the American cartoon is centered on Ryder, a 10-year-old boy who works together with six dogs, forming a kind of ‘patrol’ with the aim of protecting Adventure Bay. Your viewing will leave Netflix on the day 08/29.

Bleach (2004) is one of the most established and well-known animes. The story is about how Ichigo, the protagonist of the story, got powers from a reaper and is now able to see, touch, and speak with spirits, becoming a Shinigami protector of his city. Bleach will no longer be displayed on day 08/30.

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