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Netflix hello, goodbye and all was released in early July with its wellness story about a couple finding out if they are going to break up before moving off to college. In the current real-world circumstances, many can relate to questioning feelings of love, and there aren’t many movies that depict couples in long-distance relationships.

The outcome of any long-distance relationship can range from happy endings to heartbreaks, and many romantic movies have demonstrated how each relationship will be different with its challenges. From tragic novels like Atonement for the sweetest narrative in going the distanceeach has something to relate to, whether painful, corny, or hopeful.

With Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, going the distance is probably one of the first movies that come to mind when the long-distance relationship discussion comes up. The Nanette Burstein-directed film about a couple who text long-distance between New York and San Francisco has stolen the hearts of romantic comedy fans.

The dialogue can seem corny and it certainly doesn’t age well in modern times. Still, the relationship itself is sweet and is great for highlighting the obstructions that come with the territory, like cynicism from family and friends, jealousy, or interests in career or location. It introduces how confusing long distance can be, but the love between Erin and Garrett is genuine, and they overcome these difficulties through some sacrifice.

Following Alex (Natalia Tena) and Sergi (David Verdaguer), this 2014 Spanish film catalogs the challenges and creativity of a couple expressing love from a temporary distance after Alex is given a rare job opportunity.

There’s solitude and beauty in the simple framing of the couple, each keeping their laptop voice calls close together as one person, especially with some effective reverse takes of them staying on a call in bed. In everything Alex and Sergi do, they find comfort in having their loved one’s voice there, and their natural communication makes them a believable couple. There’s some sweet comedy involved – like the brilliant cooking scene – but even the hardships will bring onlookers to tears.

Drake Doremus directed this tender and moving drama about partners Anna (Felicity Jones) and Jacob (Anton Yelchin), torn apart by visa complications. When it’s not about the charmingly awkward chemistry, the sweet montages of somber piano or sultry silence convey an understanding between Anna and Jacob where words aren’t needed – they’re incredibly charming together.

It’s not a feel-good movie; the drama later can be disturbingly genuine or cynical, realistically portraying the love that is lost and the arguments that ensue. It’s a movie about relationships being complicated as well as special, as well as people who can get hurt while looking for ways to make it work.

The shortest and most minimalist choice of the lot is Sir, a mini-film directed by and starring James Kleinmann about two men going through their relationship with online calls. It won’t win awards for best acting or story, but there are a few examples of the solace long-distance relationships can bring during personal adversity when portraying LGBTQ+ romance.

leader it is primarily a story about the character of James. It’s an intimate relationship between two men, with its phone-shot footage and sound issues making it real and relatable, but the crux is more about how two warm and caring people can still be separated. It’s a queer romance with a happy ending, which is always needed.

This bittersweet Indian-Japanese romance was directed by Aparna Sen. Starring Rahul Bose as Snehamoy Chatterjee and Chigusa Takaku as Miyage, the film follows a couple who marry by letter without seeing each other face to face.

Distance is often an obstacle to a relationship, but the japanese wife treat it as a benefit. Miyage’s shy nature creates an appeal to their relationship setup, and the film sheds a positive light on this, highlighting the differences in their cultures as part of the affection. What’s romantic isn’t just the cards themselves, but how long the marriage lasts and how it’s celebrated, especially watching Snehamoy fly the kite his wife gives him on their fifteenth wedding anniversary. But it’s not a light comedy due to its heartbreaking final twist.

Director Nora Ephron carried the romance genre on her shoulders in the 90s and early 2000s, and somehow her long-distance films… You’ve got mail and No sleep in Seattle — star Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

It’s certainly aged, but that’s part of the charm, and at least it appeals to audiences among the many sadder long-distance romance movies. Even though it’s dated, it’s one of the best relationship movies online. Ryan radiates a fighting charm and praises Hanks’ sarcasm and intelligence when they are together, and there is an honest love between them when they text. For those who started an online relationship, it also illustrates the difficulty and apprehension of finally finding each other.

A beloved 2013 Hindi romance drama focused on a love that develops through confusion in dabbawala – an Indian food delivery system. The late Irrfan Khan does as much with so little as the widower Saajan, growing as a person again in his process of sending letters to Ila (Nimrat Kaur).

It’s a warm and nuanced film about how lost people – regardless of age, marriage or any issues in life – can still find happiness, and how that happiness is found in sharing stories and connections. Long-distance relationships emphasize how two very separate lives are coming together, and this couple shows how their interactions bring strength to each of their lives.

No romance list is complete without Joe Wright and Christopher Hampton’s 2007 film adaptation of Ian McEwan. Atonement, a film about a growing girl’s misunderstanding that leads to the destruction of a tale of love. Due to the film’s narrative devices, some scenes shown by Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie (James McAvoy) are technically not real, but the love they share in their letters and time together still is.

In the cafe scene especially, Cecilia’s gentle touch on Robbie’s cheek as they both enjoy the only time they spend together is painfully real. Regardless of whether anyone decides to still feel inspired by love in Briony’s added scenes, the chemistry between the two characters and their tragic relationship must be remembered.

For people who want a little break from the typical romance movies, Makoto Shinkai’s Voices from a distant star (or Hoshi No Koe) presents a long-distance short film with a science fiction setting. The twenty-five-minute movie isn’t as happy or well-known as Your namebut unlike that movie, it does much better at the heartfelt emotion of showing protagonists Mikako and Noboru desperate to communicate – regardless of time, space or war.

The segments of the mecha-anime are small, and the main draw is the spoken desire to be together, watching the messages between them with Noboru in pain awaiting the next text from a lover, who might already be dead. It’s a cruel tale to watch, but its love is inspiring.

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