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Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug for hire in “Bullet Train,” director David Leitch’s new film

Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug for hire in “Bullet Train,” director David Leitch’s new film

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What to do when everything is going wrong in life? Getting into more trouble doesn’t seem like the best way out, but that ends up being the fate of the new characters of heartthrob Brad Pitt and comedian Fábio Porchat in theaters.

They star, respectively, in the films “Bullet Train” and “O Lecturer”, today’s main premieres in theaters in Espírito Santo. In the script of both, a lot of humor!

In his latest production based on a Japanese novel written by Kotaro Isaka, Brad Pitt brings to life Ladybug for hire, a character defined by the actor himself as a “loser”. “He always has good intentions, but he fails all the time,” joked the star.

Almost giving up on his career, he is recruited by Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock) for one last mission. The job in question is to retrieve a suitcase on a high-speed train in Japan.

What Ladybug doesn’t know is that four other assassins are on board and that their goals are connected but conflicting.

From then on, the audience sees scenes of acid humor and a lot of action with fights inspired by Jackie Chan, a martial arts star in the comic version.

The film is directed by David Leitch, responsible for “Deadpool 2”, “Atomica” and “Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw”.

Things are also not looking good for accountant Guilherme, a character played by Fábio Porchat in “O Palestrante”. Unhappy, he has just been fired from the company where he worked his whole life and was still abandoned by his wife, played by Letícia Lima.

With no prospects and alone, the protagonist finds the opportunity to change his life by impersonating Marcelo Gonçalves, a motivational speaker hired to cheer up the employees of Denise’s (Dani Calabresa) company.

The character who is not in high spirits, then, ends up getting into a sequence of lies that will guarantee good laughs, but also a lot of reflection.

“I live two characters, Guilherme, who is in this gray world, and Marcelo. It is this new identity that allows the accountant to realize that he can be himself, that guy who was nice, who was being left aside to become what people and the job expected”, says Porchat about the romantic comedy.


“Bullet train”

long-term relationship

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Brad Pitt spoke about his long-standing relationship with “Bullet Train” director David Leitch. The filmmaker was the stunt double for the heartthrob in “Fight Club” (1999).

“He trained me for these fights and in a way he was helping me develop the character. Now he’s a director with his own voice and his own vernacular and I’m serving him, he’s the boss. So there was a beautiful symmetry to two old friends,” Pitt revealed.

lady gaga from outside

In addition to Brad Pitt, “Bullet Train” features the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sandra Bullock, Joey King and the music star Bad Bunny. And he would not be the only singer to participate in the film, as Lady Gaga was the favorite to star in the film.

However, she was unable to get the role due to the filming of “House of Gucci”. The star was replaced by Sandra Bullock.


Filming for “Bullet Train” took place during the pandemic, while Japan was still facing the period of isolation. “We couldn’t travel to Tokyo. It was an especially dark time for all of us.”

Therefore, the output found by the production was to reproduce, in a studio, three cars of the bullet train that covers the Tokyo-Kyoto line. In the windows of these wagons, images of the route pass at high speed, transmitted on high definition screens.

– Blood and bruises

The heartthrob, who has already stated that he does not intend to retire for now, revealed that the action scenes left marks on the actors’ bodies.

“We always come home with bruises, sometimes a little blood! But we did it very cautiously,” she pointed out.

“The Speaker”

– sex scene

Friends since 2006, Fábio Porchat and Dani Calabresa live a romantic couple in “O Palestrante”. According to the actor, recording a sex scene between the two was challenging.

Porchat and Dani: romantic couple

Porchat and Dani: romantic couple

| Photo: Disclosure

“Perhaps it was the hardest thing about the film. We laugh, because it’s an unthinkable thing”, said the actor and presenter to the program “Estúdio CBN”.

– Screenwriter

In addition to being the protagonist, Porchat signs the script for the feature, which was shot in 2018. “It is a film that has nothing of politics, nothing of controversy. It’s a cute, cute romantic comedy with jokes for people to laugh about.”

– Coach course

The cast also includes Letícia Lima, Maria Clara Gueiros, Miá Mello and Paulo Vieira, who confessed to having ended up in a coaching course.

“When Fábio called me to make this film, I felt I needed to do a laboratory. I signed up for one of these coaching businesses. And no one ever knew, because I’m ashamed,” said the comedian during a press conference.


“Crimes of the Future”

Starting today, Cine Metrópolis, in Goiabeiras, will be showing “Crimes do Futuro”, a new film by Canadian director David Cronenberg. The filmmaker was behind “Crash – Strange Pleasures” (1996), “Marcas da Violência” (2005) and “Cosmopolis” (2012).

The film takes place in a dystopian future, where humans must learn to live together and adapt to a synthetic environment. For this, the species must go beyond what its natural state allows and undergo a metamorphosis.

The terrifying cinematic experience, which features the likes of Kristen Stewart, Léa Seydoux and Viggo Mortensen, shocked the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

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