A&E and History Highlights for the weekend (5-7/8)


A&E and history offer the best entertainment, both on linear platforms and on-demand services. Check out below the main TV attractions for this weekend, from August 5th to 7th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday):

8/5, Friday – 8:55 PM – Officer Roundtree and his sister face racial discrimination by the police this week at NCIS: Los Angeles

In the episodes of season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles, airing exclusively on A&E, Special Agents Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J continue their risky task of capturing the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles.

This drama series showcases the risks taken by a division of NCIS tasked with arresting dangerous criminals and fugitives who pose a threat to the security of the nation. Special Agent “G” Callen (Chris O’Donnell) is a chameleon who transforms into whoever it takes to infiltrate the criminal world. His companion is Special Agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), a former US Navy officer who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) is the brilliant daughter of a murdered officer who lives for the adrenaline of undercover work. Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) is a seasoned undercover detective for the LAPD who was recruited by Hetty (Linda Hunt) into the team. The team also has special agents Fatima Narnazi (Medalion) and Devin Roundtree (Caleb Castille).

In the new episode Perception, Roundtree and his younger sister are stopped by the police and treated aggressively, in a clear case of racial discrimination. Also, the NCIS team investigates the death of a Navy photographer, who was assigned to document the construction of a new weapons station. Indicative Rating: 14 years

PREMIERE – 6/8, Saturday – 21:15 – Based on real events, The True Story brings James Franco and Jonah Hill to the track A&E Movies

The track A&E Movies premieres this Saturday The True Story, a film based on real events, and the eponymous book written by Michael Finkel, journalist for the New York Times.

After being fired from the paper for a problematic story, Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill, Don’t Look Up, The Wolf of Wall Street) discovers he’s been the victim of identity theft. A man named Christian Longo (James Franco, The Deuce, Disaster Artist), accused of murdering his own family, took his name. Willing to regain his professional prestige, Michael investigates the case and meets with Christian to hear his story.

The True Story (2015, USA)

Genre: Biography, Police, Drama

Directed by: Rupert Goold

Cast: James Franco, Jonah Hill, Felicity Jones

IC: 14

LAST EPISODES – 8/7, Sunday – 10pm – The Chippendales Murder Secrets miniseries ends this Sunday

In the 1980s, women of all ages flocked to clubs across the United States to watch the Chippendales group, to admire muscular, greasy dancers. This fever arrived in Brazil in the early 1990s, as very common events for bachelorette parties. In their home country, this business generated millions of dollars and became a pop culture phenomenon. But behind the scenes was a dark and disturbing plot of murder, attempted arson and suicide. A&E’s four-episode documentary miniseries debuting this Sunday, Secrets of the Chippendales Murders, chronicles the Chippendales’ dark origins, the incredible stories of excess, sex, jealousy and bags of cash that resulted. in one of America’s most shocking crimes.

A&E airs the last two episodes this Sunday.

In the first one, The Show Must Go On, the NYPD is investigating several leads relating to the murder of Nick De Noia. Possible motives include a love triangle, insurance fraud and an angry boss. Years later, the FBI gets a lead on a killer named “Strawberry” and reopens the case. Will they be able to resolve it?

In the final episode, The Raw Truth, the FBI teams up with actor Ray Colon to find Nick De Noia’s killer. But even with the killer behind bars, the show is still far from over: a shocking new death ensues, in addition to the revelation of tens of millions of dollars secretly hidden in Switzerland. IC: 14

PREMIERE: 5/8, Friday – 20:15 – New series reveals the stories behind extraordinary underground structures

Over the centuries, humanity has built impressive underground structures. History’s new series features incredible feats undertaken by humans, highlighting what was built, how and why. Visually astonishing, Underground Worlds reveals the hidden stories behind the world’s most extraordinary structures. Each episode of the new production highlights the design, construction and use that is given to these spaces, caves and tunnels. For this, it has testimonials, images and fascinating graphics.

The premiere episode explores the 55-kilometer-long tunnel complex inside the rock of Gibraltar. In addition, it features the most extraordinary sewer system hidden beneath London, and reveals the most impressive system of natural cavities, in Postojna Cave, Slovenia. Indicative Rating: 12 years


6/8, Saturday – 7:30 pm – This week in Skinwalker Ranch, the dead cow case becomes increasingly mysterious

History’s Mystery Saturday schedule features The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, the hit series from History 2. For more than 200 years, Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, United States, has witnessed strange phenomena, between paranormal activities and UFO sightings. Now, a group of researchers believe they can find evidence of extraterrestrial life under the ground, and will track down all possible alternatives in search of the truth.

In the never-before-seen episode Etched in Stone, the mystery of the dead cow keeps getting stranger and stranger. Now, a guest investigator alerts team members to a location they’ve never seen before that may hide the keys to uncovering the truth about Skinwalker Ranch. IC: 10

6/8, Saturday – 21:15 – In Great Mysteries of History with Laurence Fishburne, the case of the man found dead in 1848 in Australia

History exclusively airs the third season of the original production Greatest Mysteries of History with Laurence Fishburne (History’s Greatest Mysteries). Hosted by the actor best known for the iconic character Morpheus from The Matrix and nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for Tina – The True Story of Tina Turner, the series delves into the biggest and most famous mysteries that have intrigued the world, revealing unknown information and challenging everything we thought we knew about them.

Each episode of this new season unravels a mystery, among them the horror of Amityville, the Holy Grail and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. New discoveries, evidence, DNA tests, documents and recent expeditions point to new avenues for solving mysteries that have intrigued humanity, some of them for centuries.

This week’s episode is The Body on Somerton Beach. During the Cold War, a well-dressed man is found dead relatively close to a nuclear test site on a quiet Australian beach. For over 70 years there have been no clues as to his identity or what might have happened. Who is the Somerton Beach man and how did he die? IC: free

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