After a fight against a racist in Portugal, Giovanna Ewbank and Tais Araújo clarify the situation in a podcast Jornal da Manhã

Today is the birthday of our eternal Salete! Bruna Marquezine turns 27 and her new screen partner, Xolo Maridueña, made a famous textão on social media to celebrate. The actors work together in ‘Blue Beetle’, a DC production based on the character Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle. The premiere is scheduled for August 17, 2023, in Brazil.

She doesn’t come around anymore, our dear meme would say. The release of Batgirl by DC is canceled, even with the film already produced! Warner Bros. decided to cancel the release, which would have Leslie Grace in the lead role, as the feature film would have exceeded its budget. US$ 90 million were invested, which were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to Leslie, the cast included JK Simmons and Michael Keaton as Jim Gordon and Batman.

It’s not what you’re thinking! The cancellation is not social, but of series and movies. The series First Death, which had only the first season released, was also canceled according to the portal Deadline. The justification for the cancellation would be because the production did not meet the expectations of viewing and completion of the episodes.

Another canceled production is the series ‘The First Lady’. Showtime confirmed the cancellation of the production starring Viola Davis, Gillian Anderson and Michelle Pfeiffer, which also stopped the season. The focus of the series was to tell the story of some of the first ladies of the United States, but, even with big names, the production did not conquer neither the public nor the North American specialized critics.

Some productions die, others are born, and so goes the Hollywood world. The series based on the Percy Jackson saga is already in production and Logan Lerman, the first actor to live the demi-god on the big screen, said he is excited and curious about the new franchise, which is a Disney+ production. And there’s more: Logan did not rule out a possible participation, but stated that he has not yet received any invitation. The premiere date has not yet been confirmed. But fans are pleading with curiosity.

The writers of Stranger Things have already got their hands dirty for the production of the 5th and final season of the series. The start took place this Tuesday (02). The forecast is that the production will arrive in streams in 2023 or 2024. Unfortunately, we do not have details about the plot of the next episodes, besides the time jump already mentioned by the Duffer brothers.

Carly Rae Jepsen is coming back! The owner of the hit ‘Call Me Maybe’ announced this Tuesday (2) the album “The Loneliest Time”. Another hit, the track “Western Wind” is already included in the tracklist. We can expect the release on digital platforms on October 21st.

This one produces huh!? An album of unreleased Taylor Swift music could be released soon, according to British tabloid The Sun. The newspaper also claims that this will be her most experimental album. What’s more, a source close to the singer claims that she “is enjoying the process of tinkering with new sounds and is ready to showcase a variety of genres on her next album, which will surprise her fans.” Very alternative she!

Another workaholic that has a launch scheduled for tomorrow is Anitta. The deluxe version of the album ‘Versions of Me’ begins to be released this Friday (05) with the first audiovisual. The deluxe version will feature unreleased songs and three more music videos that will be released one each week, before the official release of the project. But it is not yet known which of the clips will premiere tomorrow. But all options are great. It could be: “Gata”, “Lobby” partnership with Missy Elliot or “El Que Espera”, partnership with Maluma. You’ll find more tomorrow, in the column #TáEmAlta, by journalist Bruno Campos!

Our sensitive queen, Márcia Fernandes, told (literally) during a participation in PocCast on Saturday (30), presented by Lucas Guedez and Rafa Uccman, that Rihanna’s return to music is scheduled for 2023 seconds the stars! When asked about Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s music career, our favorite Sensitive said: “Not until next year [2023]. But this way, her album will be something out of this world! A wonderful album only from, you’ll see, May of next year.” This really eludes me!

Queen B got scolded! And who gave the scolding was the singer Kelis. That’s because one of the tracks on the new album, Renaissance, has elements of the iconic hit “Milkshake”. The song in question needed to be modified. And it wasn’t just Beyoncé who got scolded, Kelis threw a shade at producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo who appear in the credits of her and Beyoncé’s music. This isn’t the first song Bey has had to modify. The track ‘Heated’ was criticized for using an ableist term and was modified as well.

The woman who committed racist attacks against the children of Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso, Titi and Bless, will be investigated by the Public Ministry of Portugal after the couple’s complaint. The announcement of the investigations was made this Wednesday (03). The more than unpleasant situation happened on Saturday (30) and the presenter discussed face to face with the woman who unleashed prejudiced attacks against children. According to the Portuguese newspaper ‘Público’, the suspect was released the day after the incident.

Despite Giovanna Ewbank’s attitude being applauded by many, on the podcast ‘Quem Pode, Pod’ with actress Tais Araújo, it became clear that things are not that easy. As Taís herself explains, Giovanna’s attitude is understandable, however, if she were a black woman taking the same attitude, she would be seen differently. ‘… we’ve been beaten up ever since.’, says Tais.

Roberto Medina, creator of the Rock In Rio festival, killed our hopes by denying the rumor that Lil Nas’ X would be confirmed at The Town festival, which will take place in São Paulo in 2023. According to Menina, for now, negotiations are in the conversation still. Hoping to get it right!

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