After feeling pain and going to the hospital, woman makes a frightening discovery; see the images

An English woman lived one of the worst moments of her life in recent days after experiencing severe pain in her right eye and discovering that she had a parasite ‘with legs’ inside the organ. The case shocked the whole world.

Louise Edwards, 34, lives in Liverpool, England, and explained to the newspaper Daily Stars who woke up with blurry vision and noticing the presence of a black spot in the eye.

The first option was to believe that she had been bitten by a mosquito. However, as the day progressed, the pain worsened and the spot doubled in size.

Louise went to the Liverpool emergency room, but was only prescribed antibiotics – to ease the pain. The next day, she woke up with an even bigger swelling and unable to see anything at all.

“I couldn’t see anything, so I came back,” said Louise, who had to go to the hospital for a second time as she was experiencing the worst pain, affecting her teeth, head and eyes. On the second trip, they guided her to continue with the medication.

Not knowing what else to do, the Englishwoman decided to follow the advice of a neighbor and put hot water in the affected eye. To her shock, something began to stir.

“I felt this popping sensation, and when I pressed it, this thing started to come out.[…]I yelled at my dad to come check it out and he said it was some kind of legged parasite.”

“I felt like I was in an alien movie,” he said. Now, Louise waits for the next appointment she will need to go through with a healthcare professional.

Attention: sensitive images

Parasite found in Englishwoman’s eye. (Photo: Reproduction)

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