After Jailson x Cavichioli beef, president says America is a ‘family’

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photo: Moor Panda / America

America’s president, Alencar da Silveira Jr (left), and goalkeeper Jailson (right) during a presentation at CT Lanna Drumond

President of America, Alencar da Silveira Jnior commented on the friction between goalkeepers Jailson and Matheus Cavichioli. in contact with the supersportsthis Wednesday (3), the manager said that the atmosphere at the club is excellent and resembles a “family”: fights, but overcomes.

“What is past is past. We think ahead. I have a great relationship with Jailson and a good relationship with Cavichioli. What is past is past. We have to worry about the games we have. America has always been a family and always continue to be a family. We always get over those fights they have,” said Alencar.

The athlete did not name names, but implied that the target of the attacks was the current goalkeeper of America, Matheus Cavichioli. Among the statements, Jailson said that Airton, Coelho’s reserve archer, suffered from the holder’s bad character. President Alencar said that the entire current squad has a good relationship.

“The whole group has a good relationship. It always has and will continue to have it. The pepper they are trying to put doesn’t exist within America. (…) We have an excellent environment. This shows on the field, what is happening , the good progress we have at the club”, said Alencar.

Despite Jailson’s strong statements, Alencar said he had great respect for the goalkeeper, who has been without a club since leaving America. Hired to replace Cavichioli, the archer left important marks in the club’s history, especially when defending penalties in the Copa Libertadores.

“America doesn’t have to say what it was. Jailson will always have his doors open in America, just like any other athlete who has spent time in America. We don’t have anything to comment on, what to say. their differences and will continue to have them”, said Alencar.

“The president is saying to all the fans: we are grateful to Jailson for the time he spent here. I have a friendship with Jailson. I have great respect for him and for everyone who is in the squad today. I live with everyone and I have a friendship with everyone,” he said.

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Jailson’s statement

In an interview with supersports, Jailson questioned the attitudes of the competitor for the position while he played for America, between January and July. The former Palmeiras player argued that the same unwanted situations occurred in other clubs where the attacked professional played.

“I’ve known this guy’s story, this bad character, for a long time. It wasn’t just me. There’s an audio from a friend of mine who played with him in São José. People from America, Airton, Jori and Robinho. The guy thinks he’s bigger than the club. I had the intention of staying until the end of the year. Unfortunately, this bad character ended the joy of the American fans”, quoted Jailson.

“For God’s sake, just look at my body type and the guy’s body type. The guy doesn’t take care of himself. A lot happens at club a. The guy has an 18% percentage (of fat), 130kg, nobody says anything. see things, but are afraid to talk”, he detonated.

Reply from Cavichioli

Also this Tuesday (3), during a live for the Amrica fan program on YouTube, called Tera do Coelho, Matheus Cavichioli commented on the criticisms made by Jailson. The current archer alviverde said that the biggest answer comes ‘inside the field’, with ‘work’.

“It is inevitable not to talk about statements coming from outside. My answer is work, training, I have no reason to rebut criticism and some kind of accusation with words. I have a closed commitment to something much bigger than myself, which is President Salum, the Euler, America. My answer lies in work, in everyday life and in the happiness that I have to help in the games”, declared Cavichioli.

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