After talking about Vampeta, staff denies proposals for Willian, from Corinthians

Midfielder Willian was not available to coach Vítor Pereira last Tuesday night, in the defeat of Corinthians 2-0 to Flamengo, due to tendinitis in the posterior region of the right thigh. He also treats a shoulder problem.

Earlier this Wednesday, the ex-player Vampeta said, in the program of Radio Jovem Pan, that the shirt 10 of Timão would have received proposals from European clubs. As determined by Sports Gazettehowever, there is nothing concrete by the player.

“There’s news that Willian doesn’t seem to stay until the 15th (August, when the transfer window closes). It seems he’s going to ask to give an area. He wants to leave because he has proposals from European teams and he doesn’t want to stay anymore ( at Corinthians)”, began the Corinthians idol.

“It can come out now, this month. It came to me, from people who know the family well and still there in the middle of Corinthians. They told me that yesterday (Tuesday) night”, he added.

The player’s staff said, in contact with the report, there is nothing concrete, no offer, and that there should be no speculation at this time, regarding which (and if) clubs could be interested. Surveys, however, are part of the athlete’s daily life.

It is worth remembering that, in May of this year, Willian’s father denied that the player wanted to leave the clubin the face of rumors of a possible transfer of the athlete.

The shirt number 10 has a contract with Corinthians until the end of 2023. If any proposal appears, it will be evaluated, as would happen with any athlete, in this transfer window or at any time.

In the current season, the midfielder played 35 matches for Timão and has a goal scored, from a penalty, against São Bernardo, for the Paulista Championship.

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