“Ah, spare me”; Milton Neves loses patience with Flamengo’s stance and sends an acid message to the Nation


Journalist evaluated the victory over Corinthians as controversial and said that Mengão was benefited

Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

This Wednesday (3), the Nation woke up with the taste of an important victory for the Rubro-Negra journey towards the third championship of the Copa Libertadores. By beating Corinthians 2-0 at Neo Química Arena, last Tuesday (2), Flamengo will enter the field at Maracanã, with a considerable advantage against the São Paulo team.

However, in the opinion of journalist Milton Neves, the victory aroused a mistaken attitude on the part of Mengão’s players. The journalist added fuel to the controversy and pointed out that Mais Querido was favored by the arbitration: “And a victory that was beyond controversy over the very weak Corinthians was enough for flamenguistas to parade the traditional pride of the carioca club again. After all, after the VARMenguístico triumph at Neo Química Arena, they had the courage to ask Arturo Vidal if Fla would have a chance if they played in the… Champions League!”, criticized Milton in his column on UOL Esporte.

The trigger that fired Milton Neves’ fury came from Chilean Arturo Vidal’s answer to the question about continental competition in Europe. Vidal didn’t dodge and put in this one: “I believe that with the level of players we have, with our fans, clearly, if we were in the Champions League, we would fight with all the teams. The truth is that this Flamengo team has a lot of talent”, replied the new shirt number 5 of the crow’s nest.

Milton went further in the barb fired against Mengão’s post-game and sent a warning to the Nation and to the Flamengo squad: “How can a team that is not even the biggest winner of Libertadores in its country – let alone in its continent – it can be thought so powerful to imply that “there are no more rivals here”. Ah, spare me… And remember what happened to Flamengo when, in 2020, they started with this little chat, right? Jorge Jesus left, Fla was adrift and the only big title that Rubro-Negro won was with Rogério Ceni. Looks like they haven’t learned their lesson at all!” he concluded.

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