Atlético-MG opens up advantage, but Palmeiras reacts and draws first game

Atlético-MG took the lead in the fight for the spot in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. With a goal by Hulk and an own against by Murilo, Galo even opened a good lead on the scoreboard, but saw the Palmeiras defender redeem himself and reduce the hosts’ advantage. When everything looked like the undefeated series as a visitor to Palmeiras would end, Alviverde pulled out the equalizing goal by 2 to 2 in extra time, with Danilo, to make Mineirão even more alive for the spot in the semifinal.

The tie ended Alviverde’s 100% success in the current Libertadores, but the current two-time champion of the competition extended his unbeaten streak as a visitor in the continental tournament, which went to 20 games.

Rivals in the semifinals of Libertadores 2021, the two clubs will face each other again to decide the spot in the penultimate stage for the title of America next Wednesday (10), at Allianz Parque.

game chronology

Atlético-MG opened the scoring after a child penalty by Marcos Rocha over Jair, in the final minutes of the first stage. Hulk charged low and angled. Weverton went for the ball and almost missed it. But, at 45 minutes, the home team decreed the 1 to 0.

Cuca’s team came back for the second stage very engaged in the game and extended the score in their first arrival in the attack. At 2′, Keno made a good score with Jair on the right side of the green defense and invaded the area. Alone, he crossed hard, and Murilo, who was heading towards his own goal, scored the inevitable own goal.

Shortly after, Murilo redeemed himself. Scarpa made an almost perfect free kick and hit Éverson’s crossbar. On the rebound, smart, Murilo scored the first for Palmeiras, at 13′ of the 2nd half.

And, with a lot of courage, at 46′ of the second half, Danilo took advantage of Scarpa’s corner and tied the game.


Atlético-MG match: Intensity

An intense team, that did not stop attacking and that pressured the opponent until recovering the ball. This was Atlético assembled by Cuca in 2021 and it was the team that the fans expected to see in 2022, but had to wait eight months to witness this one on the field. Cuca’s return gave hope to Atletico, who saw in Mineirão a team that put a lot of pressure and could even have scored better. Last year’s formation returned, with two open points and Zaracho as midfielder. Worse for Nacho, who lost his starting position.

The Palmeiras game: Different moments

Palmeiras played badly. In the first stage, he even “knew how to suffer”, as the cliché says. Such wisdom, however, died from the moment the Rooster opened the scoring, with Hulk. Any attempt to improve in the second half also fell through with Murilo’s own goal at the beginning of the second half. But, also with Murilo, in favor, Palmeiras returned to the game and started to find spaces on the sides of the field. Until the tie, in the second half stoppage time.

It was good for Atlético-MG: Keno was the man

Still in the first half, Keno had two great chances to open the scoring, but kicked both of them out. However, the performance of Atlético’s number 11 is not limited to the lost goals, after all, he was the one who gave the most work to the Palmeiras defenders. It was his play for the second goal.

It was good for Palmeiras: Scarpa was saved

Gustavo Scarpa was the only one to show some quality on the field. Shirt 14, not just on set pieces, was an oasis of quality among the players in green.

It was bad for Palmeiras: Rocha’s horrible night

Marcos Rocha had a disastrous night. In addition to taking the penalty that opened the scoring, he saw Keno advance on his side in the play that led to the second goal. Night to forget.

Atlético was more dangerous in the 1st half, but Palmeiras scored before (offside)

At home, Galo didn’t miss out and, in addition to scoring Palmeiras well, he kicked many more times on goal. With Ademir and Keno very close to Hulk, Galo dominated the entrance to the Weverton area and was close to opening the scoring on more than one occasion. At 32′, in the best of them, Ademir hit the post at the end of the small area line.

However, who gave the first goal shout in the game was the Palmeiras fans. In the 40′, after an excellent move by Scarpa on the right, Piquerez scored on the rebound of an Alonso header. But Scarpa was offside at the origin of the play.

Hulk changes the story of 2021 and opens the penalty spot

In 2021, in the first leg of the Libertadores semifinal, Hulk had the chance to open the scoring in favor of Galo at Allianz Parque. But, on that occasion, shirt 7 hit the post in the penalty shootout. Just like last year, the athletican hit the bottom left corner of Weverton. This time, however, the ball hit the net.

Goal balances the game and Palmeiras grows without Veiga

Mineirão took a good turn after Murilo’s goal, and Palmeiras started to arrive with more volume and danger ahead. Raphael Veiga, very bad at the game, left with a pain in his back. Incredibly, the entry of Gabriel Menino improved Palmeiras offensively. And so, Palmeiras looked for a tie in extra time.

Assistant in the selection, son of Tite was at Mineirão

Matheus Bacchi, son and assistant of coach Tite, was in one of Mineirão’s cabins to watch the match. Of the players on the field, Weverton and Danilo were part of recent call-ups for the selection. But many consider that Hulk and Raphael Veiga – before getting injured – deserved more attention from the coach. But he did see Scarpa and Keno.



Competition: Copa Libertadores, quarterfinals first leg
Date and Time: August 3, 2022 (Wednesday), at 9:30 pm (Brasília time)
Place: Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Referee: Facundo Tello (ARG)
auxiliaries: Diego Bonfa (ARG) and Gabriel Chade (ARG)
VAR: Thiago Juan Lara (CHI)
Yellow cards: Mariano and Jair (CAM)
goals: Hulk, at 45′ of the 1st half, and Murilo (against), at 2′ of the 2nd (CAM). Murilo, at 13′ and Danilo at 46′ of 2nd (PAL).

ATLÉTICO-MG: Everson; Mariano, Nathan Silva, Alonso (Igor Rabello) and Rubens; Otávio, Jair and Ademir (Pedrinho); Zaracho (Nacho), Keno (Vargas) and Hulk (Kardec). Technician: cuca

PALM TREES: Weverton; Marcos Rocha (Mayke), Gustavo Gómez, Murillo and Piquerez; Danilo, Zé Rafael, Gustavo Scarpa and Raphael Veiga (Gabriel Menino); Dudu and Flaco López (Rafael Navarro).Technician: Abel Ferreira

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