Authorities isolate crater in Atacama desert, residents fear further damage

Teams from the National Geology and Mining Service of the Chile (Sernageomin) have drawn a security perimeter of 100 meters around the crater that suddenly appeared in the community of Tierra Amarilla, in the Atacama Desert, the agency announced on Tuesday, 2. Specialists and local authorities are working together in the region to determine the cause and the risks to the safety of the residents of the community, located about 600 meters from the place where the crater opened.

The crater was identified on Saturday, 30, by a resident of the region, according to a statement by Mayor Cristóbal Zúñiga to the Spanish newspaper. The world. An initial measurement pointed out that the diameter of the hole was approximately 25 meters, but new measurements taken on Monday, 1°, pointed out that the crater continued to grow, reaching 32 meters in diameter and 64 meters in depth.

According to Zúñiga, it was possible to hear the landslides that caused the crater to widen from close to the site in recent days.

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Specialists from the Chilean Geological Service arrived in the region on Monday to gather information for a technical report that should explain what caused the crater to appear and possible risks. Despite not having released detailed information so far, local authorities have reported to the press that concern about the impact caused by the activity of mining companies in the region is recurrent – the place where the land opened up is on a land where the mining company Candelaria explores the underground copper mine Alcaparrosa.

“We are concerned, as it is a fear that we have always had as a community, due to the fact that we are surrounded by mineral deposits and underground works under our commune,” Zúñiga told El Mondo. He added: “We ask for clarification as to why and why this event took place, what are the reasons, if the crater is a product of mining activity that takes place underground (underground) or is it something of another nature.” .

On Tuesday, 2, the Tierra Amarilla City Hall profile on Twitter shared a reproduction of a 1993 newspaper clipping, showing a landslide caused by activity in an underground mine within the city limits.

“The urban land of Tierra Amarila collapsed as a result of mining activity, like the March 1993 Santos mine,” the publication read.

In the caption of the newspaper clipping, it is possible to read: “In a sector close to the current premises of the Santos mine, a new collapse took place yesterday morning, caused by underground water currents that engulfed a large house, according to the company’s explanation”.

Ground gave way in an area close to the inhabited region of the Atacama Desert.
Ground gave way in an area close to the inhabited region of the Atacama Desert. Photograph: Johan Godoy/ REUTERS – 08/01/2022

According to Sernageomin’s national director, joint operations with technicians from the Candelaria company found that the event did not cause any casualties, nor did it directly affect operations at the copper mine or the inhabitants of Tierra Amarilla. “This event did not affect the people, nor the crews, nor the facilities either underground or on the surface of the mine. The company has suspended work below the perimeter of the crater,” he said, according to a statement published by the entity./ With information from AP

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