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Brad Pitt graces the cover of GQ Brasil in August: “I think joy has been a new discovery” (Photo: Elisaveta Porodina)

cover of GQ Brazil of august the star Brad Pitt recalled his vices in an interview with the magazine. One of the changes that the actor has made regarding his health in recent years is giving up alcohol.

He got sober after his divorce from Angelina Joliein 2016, when he sought the project Alcoholics Anonymouswhich he attended for a year and a half.

“There was a really nice group of men there who were very private and selective, so it was safe,” he said.

He also gave up cigarettes during the pandemic, when he realized that simply cutting back wouldn’t be enough — he needed to cut them out.

“I don’t have this ability to only smoke one or two a day,” he believes, who is currently betting on nicotine bullets. “It’s not in my DNA. I go in with everything. And I drop everything. I lost my privileges.”

Pitt recalled the days when he would smoke “in the morning with coffee—just delicious.” For him, there are certain people who can do this their whole life and get away with it. “I don’t think I have it. I’m just at the age where nothing good comes of it,” he finished.

To read the full report, the August issue of GQ Brazil starts to hit newsstands this Thursday (4) and is now available on the Globo+ app and in the virtual store, with delivery to Greater São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Brasília, Porto Alegre and Campinas. For those who are not yet a subscriber, it is worth taking advantage of the combo subscription + access to Confraria GQ, with a 40% discount.

Brad Pitt GQ cover (Photo: Elizaveta Porodina)

Brad Pitt GQ cover (Photo: Elizaveta Porodina)

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