Braz is irritated by the question about Pulgar at a press conference in Flamengo

On Thursday afternoon (04), Chilean midfielder Erick Pulgar made his presentation as Flamengo’s new reinforcement in an interview held at Ninho do Urubu. In short, CEO Reinaldo Belotti was present at the CT, in addition to football vice Marcos Braz and executive director Bruno Spindel.

But the midfielder’s off-field life was questioned by journalists at the scene. Having been involved in an accident with an elderly man 10 years ago and being a witness to a rape case that took place at his residence, Pulgar had his hiring questioned by Flamengo fans on social media. Braz came out in defense of the steering wheel and raised his voice when talking about the cases.

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“Regarding the extra field issue of the athlete who has just been hired, I want to make it clear in a very transparent way and for all the fans. Everyone on the board has a daughter, wife and mother. If there was one person who was interested in finding out about this whole situation, it was all of us here. And I also have a child, and I think having a child being accused of something that is wrong is very bad”, said the vice football player.

Hashtag held by Flamengo fans

He then completed giving his version of the hashtag that flooded social media during Erick’s hiring period: #PulgarNo. As Braz said, ”What we have until today is the boy (Erick Pulgar) being a witness to a problem that occurred in his house. The people and the problems have already been investigated, they have already had the penalties in relation to these people. So to be clear, I have a mother, daughter and wife. But, I also have a son who would not like to be accused of a situation that does not proceed,” he said.

And he added: “The campaign (#PulgarNão) emerged at first, in this crazy world we are living in. But after the facts were pointed out, this being said even by the Chilean police, I think everyone understood”.

Finally, a reporter asked about the hit-and-run case in 2012, Braz spoke quickly and succinctly. “It was 10 years ago and he’s already been penalized. Any more questions? Here I will always speak. Here is the house specialty. I will talk about all matters with the ball coming in or the ball not coming in”.

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