Burglar returns pizzeria attendant’s cell phone after appeal: ‘I’m paying, please’ | Bahia

A robbery at a pizzeria in the city of Camaçari, Metropolitan Region of Salvador, ended in an unusual way on Tuesday night (2). The robber decided to return the attendant’s cell phone after she asked “please” and said that the device was not yet paid off. (See video above).

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“It’s iPhone dude, what do you want it for? Please, my cell, young man. I’m paying, please,” the woman said.

Despite not taking the victim’s cell phone, the robber fled with the cash from the cashier.

The images show that, after the attendant’s appeal, the robber returned the cell phone. “Okay, go, go, go”, replied the man before handing the cell phone to the victim and leaving the place.

Burglar returns pizzeria attendant’s cell phone after appeal – Photo: Personal archive

The whole situation was caught by the security camera footage of the pizzeria. The man arrived at the scene with a partner, on a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet, he entered the establishment with the gun already in his hand, pointing at the attendant’s face.

The images show that the man screamed and made threats to the woman, who asked for calm several times. After she handed over her cell phone, the man asked the cashier for money. When he was already outside the establishment, the woman asked him to return the device, which had not yet been paid off.

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He then returned the device and she thanked him. Then he asked if there was another cell phone in the pizzeria, and she replied that not precisely because of the risks of robbery. The man then left the establishment and fled with his partner, who was waiting for him outside.

The Civil Police reported that the case was not registered at the police station. The report contacted the Military Police, who reported that they made rounds to find the suspect, but no one was found and arrested.

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