But already? Vasco’s new reinforcement account has already achieved main career goal

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Left-back Paulo Victor was officially presented this Wednesday (03) and gave an interview

Paulo Victor reveals that his career dream was to play for Vasco (Photo: Daniel RAMALHO/CRVG)
Paulo Victor reveals that his career dream was to play for Vasco (Photo: Daniel RAMALHO/CRVG)

O Vasco da Gama lives a drama on both sides. On the right, Weverton transferred to the International and Gabriel Dias will undergo surgery in the next few days for patellar tendinitis. As a result, the club has only Leo Matos to the position.

On the left side, Vasco only had in the main squad the experienced edimarmuch contested by the fans, and the young Riquelmewho was injured and will only return in 2023. Because of this, the club went to the market.

In the transaction involving the departure of WevertonO Maltese Cross managed to close with Paul Victorof International. The athlete was officially introduced this Wednesday, the 3rd, and, a childhood vascaíno, told the reason for getting it right with the hill giant.

“It’s not just my dream, but the dream of my whole family. Since I was little, my father and mother always talked about Vasco at home, so that ended up influencing me to become a vascaíno. I had the goal of playing in Vasco, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. My whole family is happy that I’m here.” Paulo Victor.

“I was sleeping there in Porto Alegre when my father arrived in the room, woke me up and talked about the interest of the Vasco. At the time, I didn’t believe it, I even asked if he was serious. He said it was true and I was speechless. It took a while to sink in, but I didn’t think twice. My brother cried a lot when my father told him, it was emotion in the whole family,” she said.

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